How To Know If Lash Extensions Are For You?

Lash extensions can transform any makeup look in a heartbeat! Women love getting them since they are low maintenance, high-quality, and are reasonably priced. However, sometimes you might be unsure whether they may suit you, and you are not too sure whether you should get them. The following text will help you realize if they are really for you, and will answer some of your most asked questions.

The Top 10 Questions

The top 10 most asked questions will help you understand the whole process, the upkeep, the price, and the outcome. If you want to have the best lash experience, also make sure you ask yourself the follow-up questions that are written right below the first initial ones.

Q 1: What Is The Best Part About Extensions?

Do you love change and you want to save some time in the morning? If so, then you are going to love lash extensions!

A: Imagine waking up every morning and looking and feeling gorgeous? You will love your outcome and the fact that it will only take you 10 minutes to get ready in the morning. Lash extensions are a time-saving solution, as well as a great beauty enhancing feature.

How To Know If Lash Extensions Are For You

Q 2: How Often Should You Get Lash Extensions?

If you don’t mind leaving the house at least once a month and investing 1 hour of your time into the whole process, then you are going to love lash extensions.

A: Your natural lashes tend to shed and fall out, and this cycle is different for every woman. Once you notice that the lash gap is too noticeable, make sure you do the infills. Approximately, women do these infills every 3-4 weeks.

Q 3: How Is The Process Done?

Women who don’t mind spending 1-2 hours with their eyes shut and body still won’t mind the process of lash extensions!

A: Each eyelash extension is applied to your natural lash with the help of semi-permanent glue. This glue will hold your lashes for weeks and weeks to come. The process itself usually takes 2 hours and is always done by a certified professional.

Q 4: Is It Expensive?

Investing some money is not an issue to you since you value beauty and the power of extensions? Great, you can definitely afford a nice set!

A: The expenses depend on your place of living, your country standards, and the reputation of the salon, as well as the knowledge level of the lash lady. Typically, a lash set can cost you anywhere from $50-150.

Q 5: Where Should You Get Them Done?

Are you someone who does not mind investing a couple of hours in finding the best lash place and doing your homework? If so, lash extensions are for you!

A: Avoid going to the salon that features the cheapest options. Do your homework and find yourself a trustworthy salon that has a bunch of pictures, positive reviews, and clean surroundings. Also, make sure your lash esthetician has at least one year of experience since perfection takes years, so make sure you choose the right salon.

Q 6: What Set Should You Get If You Are A Beginner?

Are you sure you know your preference, and what style may suit you the best? If you are not afraid of commitments and change, lash extensions are for you!

A: Even if it is your first time coming to the salon, you can still ask for volume. Lashes are all about you and your preference. You can choose faux mink or silk lashes, depending on your choice and eye shape. However, you should always talk it through with your lash lady, especially if it is your first time getting them. Usually, women who go for that natural look end up with 80-90 lashes per one eye. Ask yourself if this is a lot for you, and then tame down or go higher with the lash count.

Q 7: What Should You Avoid?

Are you okay with switching up some things in your day? Can you stay away from some elements throughout the initial 48 hours after you get your lashes? If you are not afraid of switching your routine, then lash extensions are for you!

A: Don’t come in contact with steam or water during the first 48 hours after getting your permanent lash extensions. You can shower your body, but don’t wet your face. This is because your lash glue needs to set, and you don’t want your lashes to fall out sooner than expected. Also, don’t rub your eyes since you will move around your lashes, and you will transmit oils from your fingers which will only damage the lashes.

Q 8: Can You Apply Mascara On Top?

Can you put your favorite mascara on hold? If you can say bye to things easily then lash extensions are for you!

A: You should stay away from your mascara. Mascaras can tug your lashes and cause them to move around more than they should. If you really need to add some additional coats, make sure you avoid waterproof mascaras since they are hard to remove.

Q 9: Is The Process Scary?

Not at all! Are you someone who loves investing time and patience into your beauty routine? Then you won’t mind investing some into your lash extensions.

A: The process is going to be quite long, and it might feel uncomfortable. You will have to lay down on a table, with your eyes closed for 2 hours. On top of that, someone will play around with your lids with giant needles and permanent lash adhesive. It doesn’t sound like the best scenario, right? But you just have to get used to it. A lot of estheticians also recommend avoiding caffeine since it can make you a bit shaky and uncomfortable. Some women, if relaxed enough, tend to fall asleep during the process, so this is a great indicator of how ”scary” the process actually is.

Q 10: How To Clean Them?

Your nighttime routine might change a bit; hopefully you are someone who does not mind this? If so, know that your lash extensions will thank you!

A: Always use the right set of tools. When taking your makeup off at night, make sure you avoid any oil-based products since these can destroy your extensions. Also, before hitting the bed, use a clean mascara wand or a spoolie and brush the extensions out and prep them for the next day.

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