When Juhi first started working at the age of 23, she was annoyed by her parents pushing her into purchasing a health insurance plan which provided coverage against heart diseases. What had seemed like an unnecessary expense seven years ago turned out to be a life-saver at the age of 30 years. She discovered the benefits of having health insurance when she was diagnosed with a minor health-related condition and the insurer paid a lump sum Rs. 2.5 lakh as critical illness benefit. Her premiums were also waived for the next five years.

Here is why you should consider a specific insurance covering you against heart disease

Changing lifestyles are leading to people eating unhealthier food than ever, and fast-paced work schedules are leading to people choosing convenience over good health. All of this is leading to never-before-seen rates of mortality from cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in India, and the world over. Ischemic heart disease and stroke are responsible for more than 80% of CVD deaths, while premature mortality in terms of years lost because of CVD increased from 23.2 million in 1990 to 37 million in 2010.

insurance covering you against heart disease

Health and heart insurance are now more important than ever, and it has become essential to ensure adequate financial coverage in case such diseases arise. Health insurance benefits include the lack of stress you will experience while seeking treatment from top doctors. Plans like the Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance Plan provide comprehensive cover against 59 critical illnesses and surgical procedures. It even offers flexibility in choosing the protection plan, which could include heart cover, critical illness cover, heart cover with return of premium and critical cover with return of premium.

Read on to learn more about why health insurance, and especially insurance against heart diseases are gaining in popularity across the world. The benefits of health insurance appear crystal clear once the following points are considered.

1. Costs of seeking out medical treatment are rising each year.

Medical diagnosis and treatment are increasing on a yearly basis, even as medical innovations advance significantly. The cost of seeking medical treatment in India has risen manifold over the last 10 years even, and for those who must travel a considerable distance to even access good treatment, the costs can be enormous. This is where the health insurance benefits really shine through, since insurers provide a lumpsum amount at the time of treatment, allowing for a hassle-free experience. The Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance even ensures a fixed lump sum payout on diagnosis of critical illness or while undergoing surgical procedures covered under this plan. Tax benefits on health insurance premiums also allow policyholders to minimise their expenditure.

2. Cost of post-surgery treatment and extended treatment sessions can severely deplete financial resources:

Opting for comprehensive health insurance well in advance and paying regular premiums ensures the highest levels of care during an unexpected critical illness. Heart diseases are not cured with just surgery, there is an extensive post-operative care required as well which tend to take a toll on savings accrued over the years. With health insurance that provides coverage against heart diseases, such as the Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance, the policyholder not only receives a lumpsum amount from the insurer but also a waiver from paying premiums for a certain period of recovery. Tax benefits on health insurance premiums are also a major factor when it comes to saving up financial resources.

3. Health insurance works preventively to stop your condition from worsening:

Since health insurance provides care from the very first day, it can go a long way in preventing heart conditions from worsening. For instance, the Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance provides cover on a diagnosis of critical conditions and heart diseases, whether it is in a minor, moderate or major stage. When diseases are controlled at an early stage, it is possible to prevent conditions from escalating afterward.

The biggest health insurance benefits are that each insurance policy can be tailor made according to individual specifications. While insurers do provide advice on the diseases and conditions that could use coverage based on the policyholder’s history of illness, the benefits of having health insurance are best realised when individuals customise their policy based on requirements. The Future Generali Health and Heart Insurance Plan provides coverage against 59 critical illnesses and surgical procedures including heart and cancer-related ailments. It is also possible to avail tax benefit on your health insurance premium, under the provisions of Section(s) 80C, 80D and 10(10D) as applicable.

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