Ivy gourd or Tindora is known as “Kundru” in hindi, it is a tropical plant in the pumpkin family. Ivy gourd is an aggressive climbing vine that can spread quickly over trees, shrubs, fences, and other supports. It is an outdoor plant but prefers a sunny sheltered position and a sandy soil.

Being a perennial plant can spread vegetatively or by seed. The stem is a herbaceous climber or perennial slender climber with occasional adventitious roots forming where the stem runs along the ground. The tendrils are long, elastic with a coil-like springy character that can wrap around the host to the entire length.

The raw fruit is green in color and turns bright red when it is ripe. The fruit is commonly eaten in Indian cuisine. Natives of Thailand, Indonesia, and other southeast Asian countries also consume the fruit and leaves.

Health benefits of Ivy Gourd (Tindora, Dondakaya)

benefits of Ivy Gourd

Controls blood sugar level (ivy gourd for diabetes)

Ivy gourd has the ability to control blood sugar levels in a natural way. This is because of the liver enzyme in the vegetable that controls the metabolism rate of sugar in the body with the process of improving glucose production. Hence it is highly recommended for diabetic patients to assist them in a strong way.

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Strengthens bones

Ivy gourd has a good amount of calcium which can be effective in strengthening the bones. Along with calcium it also contains iron which makes it an ideal food for consumption during pregnancy.

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Ivy gourd benefits in treating depression

Tindora has a decent Riboflavin and niacin content. These vitamins have been related to the functioning and secretion of different hormones from the brain, which is directly related to mood. It is generally believed that consuming foods rich with Riboflavin can alleviate the mood and treat depression naturally.

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Promotes metabolism in the body

Ivy gourd is a rich source of thiamine which plays a vital role in the conversion of carbohydrate into glucose, which works as the major product to be converted into energy in the body. Thiamine benefits in the metabolism of fats and protein. The B vitamins of this vegetable boost metabolism and help in keeping you more energetic.

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Fatigue is caused due to iron deficiency. Ivy gourd consists of 1.4 mg of Iron which is 17.50% of the daily recommended value. So, the inclusion of tindora in your diet keeps you fit, healthy, and energetic, both internally and in your external life. Iron deficiency may often cause body weakness, severe fatigue, and other related health ailments.

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Protects the Nervous System

Vitamin B2 is a water-soluble vitamin. The body needs a daily dosage of it since it cannot be stored in the body. It plays a major role in energy production and symbolizes an essential nutrient in your diet. Dondakaya or tindora, with its nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants helps in strengthening the nervous system. Tindora benefits in dealing with numerous nervous related problems such as Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, numbness, multiple sclerosis, anxiety and among others.

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Promotes digestive health

The ability of tindora to promote better digestive health primarily comes from its Vitamin B complex and dietary fiber content. While the vitamins help in proper secretion of the digestive enzymes, the high amount of dietary fibers promotes bowel formation and bowel movement.

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