Lemons are an amazing source of vitamin C, which is one of the most important vitamins for good health. They are also excellent antioxidants and a good anti-inflammatory, and lemon uses are known to play a beneficial role in fighting degenerative brain diseases (1), heart disease, and even cancer.

lemon uses

Lemons are one of the most versatile fruits out there. And no, we’re not just talking about in cooking! Lemon juice is an acid, a natural disinfectant, and a nutritional powerhouse. Its scent is perfect for humans, but a deterrent for pests. Lemon uses benefits to help and preserve food and can easily replace harsh chemical-based ingredients.

Lemon uses hacks for culinary, cleaning and uses of lemon for beauty and oral health


Amazing Lemon uses

It has various forms of uses:

Lemon juice has both culinary and cleaning uses.

The pulp and rind of lemon is used in cooking and baking.

Juice of lemon (5% to 6% citric acid) gives sour taste.

Lemon uses to make lemonade, cocktails, marinade, short term preservatives, marmalade, cleansing agent, etc.

Oil of lemon peel is used as wood cleanser and polishing.

It can be used as washing agent as well.


Other uses:

Preserve Food

A little lemon juice will help keep both guacamole (2) and pesto green, prevent apples, potatoes, pears and cauliflower from browning.


Cleaning the Microwave

Lemon peel is great for cleaning the microwave oven. Sometimes, food explosions create a mess and food items get stuck to the oven’s inner surface.

Use a lemon rind to get rid of these messes.

Soak some rind into a microwave-safe bowl and add water to it.

Then microwave it for 5-6 minutes on high and watch out for the water to boil so that the steam fills the microwave.

The condensed steam will help soften the messy food items.

Take out the bowl and carefully clean using a towel.


Kitchen Grease

Sometimes we have a greasy spot on the stove, or on the kitchen table, or maybe the dining table which is very hard to remove. This problem can be fixed using a lemon.

Take a lemon and cut it in half.

Use one piece sprinkled with salt to rub on the greasy spots.

Then rub with a clean towel.


Overcome Odors

Keep a couple lemon peels in your fridge (works better with baking soda) and the bottom of your trash can to avoid unpleasant smells.


Cleaning Chopping Boards

The chopping boards are often neglected and many bacteria may grow on them.

Use a lemon to gently refresh those cutting boards.

Take a lemon and cut it in half.

Now rub over the board and rinse with water.


Cleaning Steel

Steel sinks and pots get dirty with water sediments and other deposits over them. Use lemon juice to get rid of them quickly.

To clean these items, just use lemon juice on the needed spots.

Rinse after a while and gently buff with a cloth to get rid of the stains.


Delicious Garnishing

Use a vegetable peeler to peel long strips from a lemon to add as garnishing to drinks and cocktails. These look great. You may also use a knife to make the long peels. Store these peels in a sealed container or freezer-safe bag and refrigerate for future use.


Keep Sugar Dry

If your sugar turns stony, you can use lemon peel to keep it dry.


Get Rid of Chapped Lips

Mix a tsp of fresh cream, a tsp of lemon juice and a tsp of honey and make this into a paste.

Use this on the lips and rub it in.

Store the rest and use for a week to see results. One of important lemon uses for beauty.

Whitening Teeth & Keeping Bad Breath Away:

Take a lemon and cut it in two halves.

Take some salt and baking soda on one half of the lemon and rub this on the teeth.

This will make your teeth whiter.

It will also relieve you from the problems of bad breath.


Glass Cleaner

Lemon juice will make hard water stains, debris  and other marks on glass disappear. Use straight lemon juice on a sponge for tough jobs, or dilute a few tbsp in a cup of water and spray it on. Wipe it off with newspaper for totally transparent windows


Lemon uses for Oral Health

Lemon juice can relieve pain from toothaches, stop bleeding gums, and eliminate bad odors caused by gum diseases or conditions. Massage lemon juice on bleeding gums or directly onto the area of the toothache. If the acidity from the lemon begins to burn in your mouth, be sure to rinse your gums and mouth quickly with water.

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