There are many reasons why psychiatrists today are turning to nutrition to treat the most common mental disorders. First of all, there is a rise in mental health disorders like depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia among the general population. Secondly, scientists have pointed out to the alarming nutritional deficiency in essential nutrients among the general population. Its beneficial to know about mood boosting fruits.mood boosting fruits

Furthermore, psychiatric patients demonstrate poor dietary habits. For all these reasons, mental health professionals suggest we approach mental health from a nutritional perspective to treat and prevent mental illness.

Fruits are a rich source of a great number of nutrients that are essential for normal brain functioning. If you’ve been feeling down in the dumps lately, you might reconsider your dietary habits and consider including these 5 mood boosting fruits into your meal: Here are 5 amazing mood boosting fruits.

5 Mood Boosting Fruits You Need to Know

Kerson fruit

Kerson fruit,mood boosting fruits


Kerson fruit is a newly found superfood that offers a wider range of health benefits from relieving gout to headache relief. This one of amazing mood boosting fruits is a potent source of many antioxidants that help scavenge free radicals that can impair normal brain functioning. Kerson fruit also contains all essential nutrients which will provide you with everything you need for normal brain functioning. These nutrients include carbohydrates, protein, calcium, iron and B-vitamins. All these nutrients are known for their brain optimizing benefits and that help in improving your mood. The health benefits of Kerson fruit are wide ranging and they may include mood improvement among all other benefits.

11 health benefits of kerson fruit





Depression is often associated with low levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain. To treat depressive symptoms, many conventional drugs such as SSRI enhance the levels of serotonin in the brain but these also carry with them side effects. Scientists have noted that the levels of serotonin in the brain depend on the availability of its precursor trypthopan that is found abundantly in bananas. Tryptophan is a type of protein that once ingested is converted into serotonin in the body. Bananas also contain high levels of the vitamin B6 which is a popular mood boosting fruits and supplement along with vitamins B1 and B12.





Our brain needs omega3 fatty acids to function properly. In fact, our brain is the organ with the highest level of fatty acids in the human body. Previous studies have shown a stress reducing effect of omega3s in subjects. New studies are looking for the link between mood regulation and essential fatty acids. Although the most popular source of omega-3 is found in seafood, this mood boosting fatty acid can be found abundantly in wild berries and particularly in blackberries. One cup of blackberries contains 135mg of omega-3s and 268mg of omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids were found in several studies to successfully treat some of the symptoms of bipolar disorder.


Citrus Fruit Yuzu

Citrus Fruit Yuzu


The Yuzu is a type of citrus fruit that originates from East Asia whose taste is similar to that of grapefruit. But this fruit is mostly appreciated for its aromatic zest and the juice is used as seasoning. In one randomized control study with 20 healthy women, scientists wanted to test whether the scent of the yuzu fruit decreased the levels of salivary chromogranin A (CgA) which is a marker of stress. The study found that only 10 minutes of inhalation of yuzu scent significantly decreased the levels of CgA. The participants of the study also reported reduced tension and anxiety. Aromatherapy is a common way to reduce stress and you can also use yuzu zest and juice to reduce stress and improve overall by this one of mood boosting fruits.


Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts


Brazil nuts although not considered exactly fruits are technically speaking the seeds of fruits. Dr.David Benton from the University of Wales found that five studies that found low selenium levels to be linked to lower mood. Other studies found that increased selenium consumption resulted in a better mood. Selenium is a trace mineral most abundantly found in meat but Brazil nuts also contain an unusually large amount of this trace element. Only two Brazil nuts a day is enough to offer optimal levels of selenium as shown in one study.


The side effects of many anti-depressants and other psychiatric drugs sometimes discourage people from taking them. Furthermore, these drugs don’t guarantee complete recovery which is why scientists are looking for alternative ways to treat mood and mental disorders. If you’ve been feeling particularly low lately, you might need to check for any nutritional deficiencies. Most people will turn to caloric and sweet foods to treat a bad mood, but including mood boosting fruits and vegetables might offer benefits in the long run while a bar of chocolate will only make you feel good for a short while. If you don’t know how to include more mood boosting fruits into your daily diet, check out Dr. Oz Diet Plan where he puts fruits and vegetables at the top of the list of foods you can eat.


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