Asthma is an airway disease that partially blocks the nasal passage due the overproduction of mucus, and is basically body’s defensive response to the Bronchial airways. Hypersensitivity to certain external factors like dust, smoke etc. can cause asthma. This intense acute response triggers the nasal passages to swell more and when this swelling is heightened, any inhaled substance is prone to create a huge impact. This comes out in the form of asthma. Here are natural home remedies for asthma. Asthma is usually categorized by symptoms such as

  • wheezing
  • Chest constriction and pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Bronchitis

Asthma may soon morph itself into a permanent breathing problem if not treated and cured at the right time. There are two types of asthma, namely, chronic and acute. Asthma is broadly spread across many countries, including many developed countries and many people have succumbed to this disease. When one family member has asthma, the disease affects the whole family and not just the victim alone. Now-a-days even though the field of medicine has grown up tremendously, there are many home remedies available for many diseases,home remedies for asthma which are highly effective and are known to keep the asthma in check.

A natural remedy always does wonders for a person and most importantly doesn’t have any side effects. This block provides wonderful home remedies for asthma and tips along with the reasoning behind these remedies. Though the remedies for asthma provided are completely natural, it is always better to have a primary consultation with your doctor before implementing these home remedies for asthma.

asthma natural home remedies for asthma

Cure Asthma Permanently Using These Natural Home Remedies for Asthma


Asthma Remedy 1

Take a glass of milk. Add 1 to 2 cloves with it. Boil the milk and allow it to cool down. Once it had got cooled, consume it. Regular consumption of this milk at least a day will control the intensity of your asthmatic attacks. Try this method consistently for best results.


Asthma Remedy 2

Take a cup of mustard oil and add 1 to 2 pieces of camphor in it. Heat the mixture or you can pre-heat the mustard oil and then add the camphor pieces to it. Now, take the heated oil mixture and rub it on the upper back and the chest portion of the asthmatic patient. Let the oil be heated to a warm composition. Applying this oil regularly will completely relieve a person from asthma.


Asthma Remedy 3

Take equal quantities of ginger juice, pomegranate juice and honey, say, half a cup of each of the juices and a teaspoon of honey. Mix all the three well. Have a tablespoon of this mixture twice everyday to get relieved from asthma.


Asthma Remedy 4

Take few garlic pods and fry them lightly in ghee. Smell the aroma wafting from it. This inhalation will cure the asthma disease immediately. Consume the garlic pods after inhaling their smell. This consumption will aid the body in fighting with the disease.


Asthma Remedy 5

Have some dried figs every day. This will help in unblocking the respiratory tract.


Asthma Remedy 6

Soak some raisins in warm water and consume it the next day in the morning in an empty stomach. This will strengthen the lungs and will also decongest the nasal passages and will aid you to get some fresh air.


Asthma Remedy 7

Soak some fenugreek overnight in water and boil the water the next day. Mix half teaspoon of ginger juice to this water and have it. Fenugreek will remove the toxins in the body and ginger juice will serve as a good antidote of cold and will also fight the increased response to the pathogens.


Asthma Remedy 8

Mix ginger juice and honey and have the mixture in the morning. Likewise, add a pinch of turmeric to a glass of hot milk and have it during night times before going to bed. Both the methods are prone to reduce the frequency of the asthmatic attacks. Also, if possible try to include black pepper in your diet often.

These home remedies for asthma reduce the intensity and duration of your attacks and the severity with which the disease affects you. All these cures given here are tested for long periods and are some of the sure-fire methods to completely cure the disease. These fight the inflammation and help in reducing the heightened response that is created when a foreign substance enters in your airline. So, please have a look at all these home remedies for asthma and follow the one you think will work out the best for you, for a long duration to get consistent results.

Before following these home remedies for asthma, develop an action plan and gauge the intensity of your asthmatic attacks and also check out your plan with an asthma specialist to find out more about the asthma remedy which will work the best for you.


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