Ocotea essential oil benefits helps in digestion, maintaining traditional blood glucose level, maintaining healthy skin, reducing anxiety and stress, preventing fungous infections, and many more.

Ocotea could be a angiosperm that originates from Republic of Ecuador, South America, and could be a part of the Cinnamon family. Ocotea essential oil is extracted from the stem and leaves of the feminine plant. History suggests that this essential oil are used as a disinfectant and in providing support to the gastrointestinal system. Presently, it will be wont to treat a spread of health conditions related to completely different elements of the body.

Ocotea essential oil benefits

Ocotea essential oil benefits

1Improves Digestion

Ocotea essential oil benefits offers glorious support to the gastrointestinal system, guaranteeing untroubled digestion. It stimulates metabolism via secretion of various organic enzymes, creating the method as swish as potential.

This essential oil may additionally play a job in promoting absorption of necessary nutrients from eaten food particles so, serving to cut back the chance of diarrhoea and constipation; and even additional significantly, could facilitate in preventing a deficiency of the essential nutrients that the body needs.

2Maintains blood glucose Level

It is necessary to take care of a healthy blood glucose level to retain a state of best health and forestall the event of chronic health conditions like diabetes or metabolic syndrome. A healthy diet and modus vivendi could be a great spot to start out in dominant blood glucose levels, and once combined with Ocotea essential oil this task of dominant blood glucose is finished rather more with efficiency.

Regular use of Ocotea essential oil conjointly helps to combat hypoglycaemic agent resistance, that solely serves to complicate efforts to manage blood glucose.

3Promotes And Maintains Healthy Skin

The skin is the largest barrier to infections on the body, making it necessary to support the health of it, in order that this barrier is unbroken robust with its integrity maintained in any respect times. Ocotea essential oil will be used as a natural thanks to improve skin tone and maintain colour pigmentation (preventing each hypo and hyper pigmentation).

Regular massage with Ocotea oil on completely different elements of the body like face, neck and hands could offer positive results for people who hope to enhance their skin health, because of its moisturizing capabilities.

Ocotea essential oil may also be very effective for treatment of assorted skin diseases and skin disorder, because it helps to rejuvenate the skin and promotes a swish, even texture.

It may also forestall dark spots and minimize the looks of early signs of aging like wrinkles, particularly on the face. Ocotea oil may also be of good in managing inflammatory skin conditions.

4Reduces Anxiety And Stress

Ocotea essential oil benefits is also employed in aromatherapy to assist soothe the nervous system. It may also be used as a natural methodo to control stress endocrine secretion within the body, serving to you to relax and promoting a way of calm.

This makes this essential oil particularly suited to providing relief to individuals affected by sleep disorder by promoting reposeful sleep. Health benefits of Ocotea essential oil may also facilitate cut back pain caused by migraines, by serving to to constrict the expanded vessels underneath the scalp and easing pressure off the nerves.

5Prevents fungus Infections

Fungal infections are quite common, and might have an effect on many alternative elements of the body, together with the feet and soft skin areas.

Ocotea essential oil benefits could help forestall fungus infections furthermore as treating existing infections. Its mechanism of action is believed to be each antifungal and fungi static in nature (kills and slows growth), acting as a good twin medical care in elimination of those hard mycoses.

6A Healthy Heart

Ocotea oil benefits has anti-oxidant properties that profit the circulatory system and so the complete body as an entire. It help to forestall the event of induration of the arteries, incidence of stroke and heart attacks, and balance cholesterol profiles by reducing the amount of low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and increasing the amount of high-density lipoproteins (HDL).

This oil may also facilitate individuals with cardiovascular disease by keeping blood vessels versatile and able to accommodate differing blood volumes.

7Helps Combat Inflammation

Inflammation could be a natural response by the body to an injury or infection, and might have an effect on completely different elements of the body. If left unrestrained, it will cause serious chronic health conditions, however fortuitously, Ocotea essential oil has anti-inflammatory drug properties that prove priceless in serving to antagonize excessive states of chronic inflammation.

The uses of Ocotea essential oil could facilitate within the treatment of topical inflammatory conditions, and facilitate to assuage discomfort felt by the individual.

8Ocotea Essential Oil for Weight Loss

Essential oils that are obtained naturally is also effective in serving to lose excess fat by increasing your metabolism. Ocotea essential oil is not any exception because it could encourage to be useful in food cravings that typically incorporates a direct impact on weight loss.

Some counsel that simply a drop of Ocotea essential oil mixed with water is effective in preventing food cravings to a good extent, since it promote fullness and furthermore as cravings for carbohydrates that occur between meals. This makes this volatile oil a wonderful adjuvant to a healthy diet.

9Healthy Hair

Ocotea essential oil benefits could help stimulate free blood flow to the scalp so as to have a shiny, healthy and lustrous hair. It will help in hair loss and maintain hair strength. It also help eliminate dandruff and optimize hair growth, by keeping the expansion section of hair active.

It’s best employed by diluting with a carrier oil like olive, and applying generously to the scalp and hair. This can facilitate to support the general health of your hair.

10Protects The Body From Infection

Infections to any part of the body will cause serious injury if left unrestrained, and perhaps as a results of variety of things together with accidents and microorganism attack.

Ocotea essential oil contains constituents that will change it and act as a disinfecting agent so, protecting the body against microbes. It will either be consumed, or applied domestically to wounds to expedite the healing method. Its antibacterial drug actions will facilitate to cut back pain related to native inflammation.

11Promotes Detoxification

Ocotea oil benefits stimulates the body to get rid of toxins through the liver therefore, operating as a formulation and a setup for the body. It should conjointly facilitate the body in eliminating waste materials once food digested and effectively cleanses the liver from toxicant accumulation acting as liver support. It will even facilitate to reset elevated levels of liver enzymes, a standard precursor of infectious disease or liver failure.


Ocotea essential oil is effective and versatile having the ability to help in management of the many maladies that will have an effect on health. It will undoubtedly profit your health. However has to be used cautiously.


This volatile oil could have completely different aspect effects together with skin and stomachal inflammation, makng it necessary to dilute before use. It’s not toxicant, however carries the chance of irritation. Request the recommendation of a medical skilled if you have got pre-existing health conditions.

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