Pineapple known as “ananas” in hindi is a tropical plant with edible multiple fruit. Consisting of coalesced berries, also called pineapples. The most economically significant plant in the Bromeliaceae family. Pineapples can be consumed fresh, cooked, juiced, and preserved. There are numerous pineapple health benefits. The flesh and juice of the pineapple are used in cuisines around the world.

Pineapple benefits for skin,hair and health benefits of pineapple

pineapple health benefits

Pineapple health benefits

  • Pineapple health benefits for Bones

Rich amount of manganese present in pineapples. Pineapple benefits in strengthening bones and connective tissues.

  • Prevents Free Radical Damage

Pineapples are a rich source of antioxidants. They fight against free radicals in the body. preventing cell damage. These antioxidants help protect from diseases like atherosclerosis, heart diseases, arthritis, various cancers etc.

  • Pineapple health benefits for Gums

Eating pineapple benefits in strengthening gums. keeping teeth healthy and strong.

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  • Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a condition in which adults lose their vision, in which adults find it difficult to read and recognize things properly. Beta-carotene present in pineapples empowers vision when consumed regularly.

  • Pineapple health benefits Heart

Powerful antioxidants keep free radicals away and lower the cholesterol levels, preventing heart diseases and keeping the heart healthy.

  • Pineapple health benefits for Immunity

Vitamin C in pineapple boosts immune system due to its strong antioxidant effect.

  • Pineapple health benefits for Digestion

Bromelain, vitamin C and dietary fiber are abundantly present in pineapples which helps in ease digestion.

  • Pineapple health benefits for Bronchitis

Pineapple is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in reducing inflammation in bronchial tubes which generally arises due to bronchitis.

  • Prevents Hypertension

Higher amounts of potassium and lower amounts of sodium in pineapples help maintain normal blood pressure levels.

  • Treat Intestinal Worm

Pineapple contains the digestive enzyme bromelain. A diet rich in pineapple helps clear certain intestinal parasites such as tapeworms.

  • Anti-Cancer Properties

The abundance of antioxidants in pineapples. helps fight against free radicals thus preventing several types of cancers.

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Pineapple benefits for skin

  • Helps Skin Look Younger

The higher the collagen synthesis is, the firmer and flexible your skin will be and the added nourishment comes from the presence of amino acids and Vitamin C, which ensures that the damaged cells and tissues are repaired quickly. Apply freshly prepared pineapple juice on the face, leaving aside the eye region. Wash using warm water after 10 minutes.

  • For Hydrated, Radiant Skin

Dry skin looks dull and unattractive. Mix about 3 tablespoon of freshly crushed pineapples with an egg yolk and a little milk. Apply it topically on the dry skin and leave it for few minutes. Wash off with cold water for a moisturized skin.

  • Pine apple benefits For Acne

The presence of Vitamin C enables this fruit to be used, internally as well as externally, as a cure for acne and other inflammatory skin condition. [Read Treat acne naturally.]

  • Natural Exfoliating Agent

Freshly crushed pineapple benefits to exfoliate skin. It eliminates the dead skin and accentuates blood flow and imparts a glowing skin.

Hair benefits of Pineapple

  • For Thicker Hair

Pineapple extracts are known to possess hair thickening properties. The enzymes present in this golden-yellow fruit enrich the hair follicles by rendering necessary vital nutrients. improves the thickness of the hairs.

  • Prevents Hair Loss

Vitamin C is an important element that pineapple benefits in preventing hair loss. Pineapple is a rich source of this water soluble vitamin. Eat them as wedges or just juice them fresh and drink it to reap the benefits of Vitamin C and prevent hair loss.

Pineapple cake recipe



130 gms condensed milk.
50 gms margarine.
100 gms plain flour (maida).
1 tsp baking powder.
1 tsp pineapple essence.
1/4 tsp baking soda.
2 tsp vanilla essence.

For The Garnishing.
250 gms fresh cream.
50 gms sugar.
50 ml milk.
round pineapple slices.


  • Combine the milkmaid and margarine in a deep bowl and mix well.
  • Combine the plain flour and baking powder. mix well and sieve together.
  • Add this plain flour mixture to the milk maid gradually and fold using a wooden spoon.
  • Add the vanilla essence, pineapple essence and baking soda and mix well.
  • Add the milk, mix well to make a soft mixture.
  • Pour the batter in a greased baking tin and bake in a pre-heated oven for 20-25 minutes.
  • Remove immediately from the oven and cool on a wire rack.

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For decoration :

  • In a deep pan, boil 200 ml of water and add the sugar. mix well and boil till the sugar is dissolved.
  • Remove from the flame and keep aside to cool.
  • Divide the cake into 2 equal portions. horizontally and apply the sugar syrup on the top and centre of the cake.
  • Whisk the fresh cream till it becomes thick.
  • Apply the cream on top of the sugar syrup and spread evenly.



  1. This is a very detailed post with a lot of information. Very enjoyable! I have learnt a lot of new things.

    I am actually quite fond of pineapple and have juices often. Seem that pineapple has a lot of benefits – eyes, gum, heart, digestion etc.


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