Our health condition is largely dependent on the type of dietary plan plant based diet for skin that we prescribe to protect the skin from sun. Constant intake of unhealthy and unbalanced dietary meals can easily lead to health concerns in the immediate future. Additionally, these non-essential food elements are advocates for other skin deficiencies that cause more harm to the skin here is plant based diet for skin to protect the skin.


One of the predominant skin issues is sun damage brought on by excessive sun exposure to the skin. In general, we only require 5 to 30 minutes of daily sun exposure. However, due to the demands of various aspects of our life, we are constantly overexposed to the harmful sun rays. To combat the consequences of this inevitable situation, appropriate measures must be adopted.

How plant based diet for skin to protect the skin from Sun

Dietary plan

Among all the preventive measures and treatment solutions for sun damage, the best diet plan is heavily recommended by health professionals. More specifically, higher intake of plant-based foods will contribute significantly towards treating the adverse effects of excessive sun exposure.

The high nutrients content and the presence of natural antioxidants make plant-based food the prime candidate to counter the effects of sun damage. Plant-based foods are effective in fighting free radicals in our body that are mainly responsible for aging skin. The high level of antioxidants is known to prevent sun damage that may consequently lead to skin cancer.


Plant based diet for skin

There is a wide variety of plant based diet for skin. Nonetheless, each of them contains different levels of nutrients and antioxidants. Unique components of this plant-based diet also make them suitable for treating different skin issues. Before embarking on a new dietary plan, it is necessary to be aware of the advantages and benefits that each plant-based food provides.


Green tea

Green tea contains an active antioxidant called catechin. This ingredient is effective in providing the skin with the necessary resistance towards the harmful effects of excessive sun exposure. Additionally, green tea contains the relevant elements in preventing premature skin aging.

The polyphenol content in green tea is also essential towards warding against the free radicals in our body. It has also been proven that long-term consumption of green tea serves as a cancer prevention treatment as it restricts the development of cancer proteins.



Tomatoes are high in lycopene content which offers protection to the skin against sun damage. It is also an active advocate of skin cancer prevention. Statistics show that by incorporating tomatoes into our regular diet, we can derive as much as 85% of lycopene required by our body. As an added incentive, tomatoes can be easily included into any dish to enhance its taste.



This vegetable offers a comprehensive range of nutrients such as protein, iron, and vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and folate. Vitamin A helps to protect the skin through antioxidants which can reduce inflammation and also reverse the effects of sun damage. Vitamin E helps to ensure that optimal skin condition is maintained and have been attributed as an anti-wrinkle ingredient.

Spinach can be served up in many ways. Health enthusiasts might prefer to eat fresh and organic spinach, but other alternatives such as frozen spinach are also highly beneficial. Sprinkling light doses of spinach on any dish also helps to enhance its taste and improve the overall appearance.



The benefits and advantages of Kale are almost identical to spinach. Most health experts are known to use spinach and kale interchangeably or together as a potent source of nutrients and antioxidants. As professionals highly recommend 3 or more servings of leafy greens on a daily basis, kale and spinach provide need much variety but yet offers similar nutritional value.


Sweet potatoes

Perhaps not that most popular choice of plant based diet for skin, sweet potatoes do come with its share of benefits and advantages. They are excellent providers of beta-carotene, which are highly effective antioxidants in delaying the signs of aging and prevent diseases.

Sweet potatoes have also been commonly characterized as an anti-wrinkle food due to its rich vitamin C content. Reader’s Digest once published that excess intake of vitamin C reduces the formation of wrinkles by up to 36%. Sweet potatoes can be prepared by steaming, boiling or roasting. None of these methods will lose any of its nutritional value.



The intense level of vitamin A and vitamin C ensures that carrot makes the list of plant based food that is beneficial towards preventing sun damage. Notably, its vitamin A content is known to prevent acne, wrinkles, and aging. Perhaps unknown to most, vitamin A is also beneficial towards maintaining perfect eyesight.



Excessive sun exposure has a broad range of detrimental effects on our body and the skin is at the receiving end of most of these consequences. While there are many treatment solutions and preventive measures available to counter the effects of sun damage, the most vital part of the process is to maintain a healthy plant-based dietary plan.

Personal preferences inevitably affect our decision to incorporate different vegetables into our diet, but it is essential to know that each plant-based food provides different benefits and advantages. To maximize health benefits and effectively treat prevalent skin issues, health enthusiasts should formulate an efficient plant-based diet that includes the relevant vegetables.


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