In Prasarita Padottanasana (प्रसारित पादोत्तासन), Wide-Legged Forward Bend yoga Pose, Prasarita implies spread, extended or outstretched appendages, in Sanskrit significance of Pada is “foot” and Uttana implies extraordinary or extended.

Level of Asana – Basic

Otherwise called – Wide Legged Forward Bend

How to do Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose)

prasarita padottanasana

1. To begin with take a place of Tadasana, keep your feet wide isolated. Keep your feet parallel to each other. Perhaps heels fairly out stood out from the toes.

2. Now lift your inward bends, by drawing inner lower legs up, firm outside edge of feet and enormous toes of feet into floor. Interface with your thighs by drawing them up.

3. After that you can combine your palms towards to your back and interlock your fingers. On the off chance that this is too hard, just grab a converse elbows with your hands.

4. Take in extend the front of the body, inhale out cover forward from the hips, holding the back straight and the midriff open, and keeping the hips over the foot sole areas.

5. Presently bring your head towards the ground, and if your hands are gotten, take your arms the separation towards the floor, while you keep up the vibe of the shoulder bones on the back.Take two or three breaths here.

6. At the full forward bend you release the head down, you can put your head on the floor.

7. Stay in this position around 6 to 12 relaxes.

8. Ensure that your back ought to be straight as much as you can, and not to overstretch your hamstrings.

9. To discharge this position, take in and lift move down as you press into your feet.

10. Returned into Mountain Pose.

Benefits of Prasarita Padottanasana (प्रसारित पादोत्तासन)

  • Prasaritapadottanasana extends your back and legs.
  • Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose is best exercise for opening the hips.
  • Extends your shoulders, chest and spine.
  • It unwinds your body and quiets your brain.
  • Advantageous in gentle spinal pain issues.


Ask a Trainer before doing any Asana and don’t go past finished your capacities.

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