It is a matter of serious concern for people who lose their hair due to physical and emotional stress. Because of the duration of the hair growth cycle, people usually begin losing their hair weeks or months after the stressful period occurred. They may continue losing their hair for many months afterwards. Fortunately, hair usually grows back on its own once the cause of stress has been removed. There are many ways prevent hair loss due to stress in which you can assist to ease out stress and take proper care of your hair so that you can minimize the effect of hair loss.

Amazing Ways to Prevent Hair Loss Due to Stress



Awareness regarding stress related hair loss

Acquaint yourself with different types of stress related hair loss

  • Telogen effluvium: Several hair follicles go into resting phase due to stress and stop the hair from growing. After some months the hair attached to these follicles may fall out in great numbers.
  • Alopecia areata: The immune system attacks the hair follicles and causes them to fall out in large chunks. Several factors lead to this type of hair loss and stress is one of them.
  • Trichotillomania: A person due to stress, depression, anxiety, boredom or loneliness, compulsively pulls out their own hair from their head or any other part of the body.


Consult a doctor for diagnosis

The link between hair loss and stress is not clear. Sometimes stress directly causes hair loss and at other times stress makes the prevailing condition worse. Hair loss does not always require medical attention but in some cases hair loss is a symptom to some serious underlying issue like auto immune diseases. Hair grows back in some diseases after treatment but hair loss due to auto immune diseases is often permanent.



Knowing that hair will mostly grow on its own

If hair loss is truly caused due to stress, then you should focus mainly on decreasing and eliminating that stress. Once stress is tackled then hair will grow back on its own without medications and treatments.

It is very crucial to have patience as the growth cycle for hair is long and it can take months for the improvement to be noticed. Avoid stressing about the situation as it will make the matter worse and keep faith in your ability to re-grow the hair to prevent hair loss due to stress.


Reducing physical and emotional stress, prevent hair loss due to stress

#Get sufficient sleep

Sleep deprivation for a long time can cause both mental and physical stress. It can impact your diet, work performance and overall mood which can result in stress or anxiety related hair loss.

  • Aim to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep and improve your sleep pattern by sleeping and waking up at the same time every day.
  • Keep away from doing anything too stimulating like watching scary movies, exercising, eating or being on your phone or laptop before bedtime. Instead have a hot bath or read a book.



#Follow a nutritious and balanced diet

Body derives more energy by eating nutritious diet thus being better equipped to cope with stress to prevent hair loss due to stress. It also strengthens our hair making it less likely to fall out.

  • Eat three balanced meals a day and never miss out on breakfast as it kick starts our metabolism.
  • Pile on certain minerals and vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E, selenium, zinc magnesium and B vitamin as they contribute to healthy hair growth. Even omega 3 fatty acids help to improve the scalp health.



Visit a therapist

Bottling up your feeling may cause emotional stress to become worse. Talk to a therapist or trusted friend or family member about your anxiety as it helps to relieve stress and gives you a new perspective. It also gives you an assurance that you do not have to deal with stress alone.


Encourage healthy hair growth

#Eat ample of protein

Increase the intake of protein as it is necessary for healthy hair. If there is deficiency of protein in the body then the body will shut down the supply of protein to the hair causing hair to fall off.


#Increase B vitamins and cut down on vitamins A

B vitamins are very important for healthy hair growth and lack of it may affect your hair. On the contrary, excessive vitamin A can stimulate hair loss so too much of it should be avoided.


#Take proper care of your hair

Taking proper care makes the hair strong and less vulnerable to hair fall. Use products which are best suited to your hair and avoid using shampoos which has sulfates or parabens. Do not wash your hair frequently as this can strip the natural oils from the hair making them dry and brittle. Nourish your hair by giving it oil massages and using hair masks. Keep your hair in good condition by giving it a trim every 6 to 8 weeks.

prevent hair loss due to stress


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