The majority of us take hearing for granted. We do not make an effort to maintain our hearing properly or protect our ears in any way. It is when one loses hearing to some degree that they visit an ear specialist.

However, once the hearing is affected, in most situations, it is difficult to be restored to the previous levels. Hearing loss is subtle most of the time, and it is only when friends and family members start to notice that one realizes something is wrong.

Preventing Hearing Loss: Here’s how to reduce your risk

Preventing Hearing Loss

Even though our ear system is delicate, it is designed to withstand abuse. But, it is also susceptible to damage just from some of the things that we do daily. If you are like most people, it is best not to wait till it’s too late to start taking care of your ears. Here are some of the easy ways of preventing hearing loss, thus you can protect your ears and maintain optimum hearing health –

Turn Down the Volume

If you continuously use audio devices such as headphones or earbuds, especially at loud volume, you are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss. You must use the 60/60 rule. The rule suggests that you should listen with headphones at a maximum of 60% volume and not more than 60 minutes any day. Also, instead of using earbuds that are used close to the eardrum, it is best to use headphones.

It is not just music through the headphones that can cause hearing loss; any type of loud music can be harmful. If you are hosting a party, it is best to keep the volume low so that people don’t have to shout to be heard.

Always Use Earplugs 

If you work in a loud environment or are exposed to loud noise in a leisure environment, you must use earplugs. Earplugs can help protect the ears from loud noises. Earplugs are comfortable to purchase as they are available with the local ear specialist or even online. These reduce the harmful sound levels but also maintain the sound as strictly as possible to the original.

Do Not Use Cotton Swabs in Your Ears

People often use cotton swabs to clean the wax in their ear canal. But, it is not advisable as a small amount of wax in the ears is essential. The ear canal is protected by the wax that prevents dust and other particles from entering. Besides, when you insert cotton swabs in your ears, you risk damaging the sensitive organs that can do long-lasting damage. Using a damp towel is the best way to clean up around the ear canal. You can also use an ear wax removal solution from an ear specialist.

Remove Moisture from Ears

If you leave moisture in your ears for long, bacteria can enter and cause infections in the ears. It is essential that you towel-dry your ears after taking a bath or after a swim. If you feel the water in the ear, move your head to the side so that the water comes out. It is vital to keep the ears dry and healthy. You can use swimmer’s earplugs that work for both adults and kids.

Get Regular Checkups

If you have issues with your ears, it is best to speak to an Ear specialist at the earliest. Do not delay the appointment as it will cause more damage to the ear. Your regular body screening should include ear checkups, as well. Hearing loss develops gradually, and the doctor will be able to recognize the signs of hearing loss. The earlier the problem is caught, the better it is for you to find a treatment.

Manage Your Stress Levels

It has been seen that a high level of stress and anxiety can cause temporary or permanent tinnitus. Stress can cause pressure on the nerves and the blood flow. This can travel to the ear and cause ear problems. Thus, you must learn how to manage your stress, and you can do it by speaking to a physician or an Ear specialist at the earliest.

Unlike other parts of the body, maintaining your ears is pretty straightforward. You need to ensure to invest in ear protection, and you can keep your ears in good condition. You need to assess your environment and see if what kind of protection is necessary for your ears.

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