Sesame seeds are the tiny, oval-shaped flat seeds that are obtained from the sesame plant. The delicate nutty flavor that these seeds have along with the crunchiness makes these popular. There are so many advantages of sesame seeds prompting innumerable people to go for these. However, this popular and beneficial seed is not free from a wide array of side effects of sesame seeds.

Side effects of Sesame Seeds

sesame seeds side effects, Side effects of Sesame Seeds

Unhealthy Weight Gain

Even though the sesame seeds look extremely lightweight, they are totally loaded with saturated fat and calories in them. It is true that a 100 gram serving of sesame seeds can actually add up to 590 calories which can increase the weight gain to a great extent. Thus, for the reasons consumption of sesame seeds leads to excessive weight gain and is totally risky and unhealthy as well.

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Skin Rashes

Sesame seeds may also have some adverse effects on your skin. If you eat too much of them in your food or use products containing good amounts of sesame seed oil, you might end up developing skin rashes along with itching and redness.

Risks of Colon Cancer

Apart from gaining bodyweight, daily consumption of sesame seeds could take a toll on your health. You would be doing so at the expense of threatening your colon. As per research, consumption of more than 15 nanograms of sesame seeds in a day could lead to the inflammation of the colon which can further result in forming colon cancer. One of important side effects of sesame seeds.

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Cause Diarrhea

Sesame seeds have high laxative properties. Thus, if not consumed under controlled portions there can be side effects of sesame seeds, cause loose motion and eventually lead to diarrhea.

Hair Loss

Black sesame seeds indeed are beneficial for the health of hair. Similarly, an overdose of kernels can have just the opposite effect. Hormonal imbalance can be triggered whereby the scalp can become oily and hair follicles dry up unnecessarily. As a result, you could suffer from hair loss to a considerable rate.

Risk of Miscarriage

Despite the various good effects that sesame seeds have on human life, it can never ever be forgotten that if a pregnant woman takes sesame seeds during the first trimester of pregnancy, then that can affect her fetus. In fact, in some cultures, sesame seeds are given in whopping numbers for causing natural miscarriage.


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