With fitness becoming all the more important for the young and old alike, there is more awareness about the fact that protein is the most important element for fitness, muscle gain, and muscle growth. With all this, there are pros and cons of protein supplements.

It should therefore not come as a big surprise that protein supplements or protein powder are immensely popular and sold in large numbers in markets everywhere.

They are also available in a huge variety, and some of them quite pleasing to our taste buds tasting like chocolate, vanilla and more.

Pros and cons of protein supplements (protein powder pros and cons)

supplement pros and cons of protein supplements

The pros and cons of protein supplements are one of the points we highlight here. We all know that protein is good for our bodies. It is one of the main ingredients for macro nutrition which is essential for human survival. Protein supplements are introduced to fulfill the need of nutrition and protein in our bodies after we have put it to good work. It is to be noted protein powder is with the pros and cons of protein supplements.

Many athletes, bodybuilders and people who indulge in heavy workouts on a regular basis swear by such products. But let us not forget that it is artificially produced and like many man-made things, have a few pros and cons of protein supplements their own.

Benefits of protein supplements (pros of protein supplements )

Tons of its major benefits is that it helps a person gain weight by increasing the lean body mass and yet maintains fat clerestory. This means getting a fit, toned body minus the fat.

Protein supplements are a quick recovery method after a tough workout session. It also gives you a feeling of satiety, since protein takes longer to empty out from the stomach and takes a while to be completely digested, it gives you feeling of being full for a longer period of time. That feeling of being full helps you avoid carbs and junk foods.

Protein supplements increase your metabolic rate. To help you understand this better, let me explain it this way. There is something called the thermodynamic effect of the food we eat. Your body temperature actually rises a bit because your body is working up to digest food as soon as you eat it. Protein supplement gives your body a higher thermodynamic effect.

These supplements are a good source of quick protein. If the supplement you are using is the right source of protein then it helps in restoring, regenerating, and growing your muscles.

After each workout session, your body craves to heal the damaged muscles and protein supplements are a surprisingly quick and effective way to fulfill this need. It is important to remember that the supplements are just the base to bulk up those muscles.

Disadvantages of using protein supplements (cons of protein supplements )

You cannot get the required protein with supplements alone. In fact, protein intake should be a regular part of your daily diet. If you look at it from the clinical perspective, then you’ll notice that ten years ago there was no concept of having a protein supplement as an integral part of your fitness routine as it is nowadays.

What we need to understand here is that we all have different bodies and each body type has its own way of processing. While protein supplements may work out for some people, it is quite possible that they won’t work the same way for others.

If you are taking protein supplements, and they are not helping you build muscle or put on weight, or you are just not getting your desired physique; this clearly means that these supplements are not working out for you. Always listen to your body.

Stop wasting your money, and instead start with some good foundation. Eat real food, with real protein in every meal. If the supplement route is not working out for your body, don’t force it on yourself just because that is what everybody is doing.

You want to rethink your eating regime before you start taking protein supplements. These protein supplements are quite pricey and there are so many people in gyms, especially the youth who are hell-bent on taking protein supplements even when they don’t need to; spending lots of money every month.

Many athletes take a very high protein diet including supplements even when it is not necessary. When you intake more protein than you need, then those extra calories get converted into energy. We don’t want our bodies to be using extra protein as an energy source. Using protein as source of energy can result in some unreliable consequences as it has pros and cons of protein supplements.

The most powerful supplement in the market today is protein powder. It is very famous among athletes and bodybuilders, and many people are quick to substitute it with real food.

Some of these proteins powder consist of artificial flavoring, preservatives, flavor enhancers, and chemical fillers. Their excessive use can cause organ failure, liver failure, heart diseases, and kidney failure. Doctors specifically warn against protein powders and supplements for teens.

It is important to understand that this protein cannot replace the protein we take naturally and they should not be at any cost considered meal replacements.

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  1. being a physical exercise enthusiast(to some extend a body builder) i can relate with this post, i do work out everyday from past several years and never took any supplement rather i prefer proper foods at right time.

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