Whether we are aware of this for a fact or not, we live in the age of technology, when everything takes place at a faster speed. We work more, relax less and, given our fast-pace, it should come as no surprise we are incredibly stressed. The good news is that things do not necessarily have to be this way. There are plenty of ways to relieve stress you can do, in order to relax and relieve stress. And we are proud to present no less than nine quick ways to relieve stress and quirky stress busters, for you to try out and enjoy!

9 Incredible quick ways to relieve stress and quirky stress busters that will make you feel relaxed

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#1 Gum chewing



You might not expect gum chewing to be on the list but the truth is that it is a truly relaxing activity. In fact, gum chewing can help you concentrate on several activities at the same time, reducing the stress associated with performance. Anxious people can benefit from gum chewing as well, as it offers a routine activity that relieves stress.


#2 Dark chocolate




Chocolate is one of the easiest and certainly ways to relieve stress. Scientists recommend the daily consumption of dark chocolate, of course, in moderation, in order to reduce stress and improve your general mood. When you are stressed, the level of cortisol goes through the roof. The daily consumption of dark chocolate can work to reduce cortisol levels, helping you feel less stressed.


#3 Music



Even since the oldest of times, music has been considered treatment for the soul and mind. Humming your favorite song can be important ways to relieve stress than you think; in fact, music has been proven to reduce both the frequency and intensity of symptoms of depression. So, the next time you feel stressed or depressed, play your favorite music and enter into a deep state of relaxation.


#4 Walnuts as snacks

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While there are a lot of snacks you can turn to, walnuts stand at the top of the list when it is about natural ways to relieve stress. This is because they can reduce the overall blood pressure and ensure a state of relaxation. At the same time, they are food for the brain, allowing it to stay young and sharp. However, if you are not satisfied with walnuts, you can also take some of the top memory pills. Just remember that walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber, all of which being substances highly beneficial for the health of the brain and body in general.


#5 Laughing



Scientists have pointed out that children laugh almost all day long, while adults often restrict such forms of expression, to only once or twice in a day. Laughing is one of the most natural activities in the world and a great stress buster. It can reduce the activity of cortisol, the stress hormone and help you achieve a great mood. Seek our more fun activities and find time to laugh at things that are really silly. Your body will be thankful for it.


#6 Talk to your parents



Once we have reached a certain age, we want to be independent and we refrain from talking to our parents. However, talking to your parents can be an amazing ways to release stress. This is because they are more experienced and they can help you out of a difficult situation. Moreover, just hearing their voice, the level of stress hormones will be reduced and you will get a fresh perspective on things.


#7 Balloons



Who knew that balloons were such great stress busters? Well, perhaps children, since they love them so much. As a stressed adult, however, you can greatly benefit from blowing up a balloon. This will give you an activity to concentrate upon and relieve the stress in your life. Plus, it helps you keep your breath under control, reducing the levels of anxiety.


#8 Jump




We may live in the age of technology but this also means a lot of sitting, which can wreak havoc on our stress levels. If you are looking ways to relieve stress, quickly, stand up and jump. Remember how much you loved to jump when you were a little kid? Go back in time, just for a little bit and jump, as high as you possibly can. Your brain will welcome this small burst of activity and release happiness hormones, thus killing the stressful ones (cortisol).


#9 Five-finger rule




If you are looking for a unique ways to relieve stress, take a good look at your hand. You have five fingers. List five things for which you are grateful. Just by thinking about the things you already have, you will begin to feel much more relaxed. Often times, we become stressed, as we concentrate on the things that we do not have, rather than on the ones we do have.

In conclusion, there are many great things that you can do, in order to relieve stress and feel more relaxed. Always remember to reduce the speed at which you are functioning, concentrating on one activity at a time and finding enough moments to relax as well.


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