Complete silence is difficult to find. Our creaky world has deprived us of simple and subtle experiences. But did you know that there is an ancient Japanese practice that may make you feel the universal energy in your body? The method is termed Reiki meditation. Keep reading to grasp more.

What is Reiki?

In the 1920s, a Japanese Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui devised a system of natural healing known as Reiki. Reiki’s approach towards healing is unique. It involves using your hands to transfer restoring life energies into the body, healing it physically and mentally. The word ‘Reiki’ means ‘spiritually guided life force energy.’

This technique urges the practitioner to be aware of and liable for the Reiki process because the tradition firmly believes that the healing is faster when the practitioner is totally involved. Anybody can attempt Reiki irrespective of their age, mind and body capabilities. One of Reiki’s most significant technique is Reiki meditation. Let’s explore it now.

What Is Reiki Meditation?

Reiki Meditation

Reiki meditation is a method through which you’ll experience silence and a quiet mind. The Reiki meditative energy is healing and warm. It involves symbols and mantras to facilitate your meditation experience. It ranks high among the standard healing systems. Check below to find out the way of its practice.

Reiki Meditation Technique

1. Cleansing The System

Sit down or lie down comfortably on a mat with your back straight. Try to be calm, composed, and relaxed. Take a deep breath. Imagine yourself inhaling all the happiness and goodness that you just need, and exhaling out deeply with the thought that negative emotions, like depression, fear, and anxiety, are being flushed out of your system. Breathe a couple of times in this manner, and observe how your mind and body tune into it and relax.

2. Chakra Forces

There are seven chakras in your body, from the bottom of your spine to the top of your head, that are energy centers of the body. Place your hand in front of your body at every chakra area and hold at each position for a couple of minutes, depending on your body’s need. If you feel your body is requesting the hand to remain for a longer time, let it stay.  Remove it if your body has had enough. Feeling through the hands is the best way to connect and listen to your body. As you tune into your body through your hands, imagine the vital force of the universe getting into your body through your hands, with the chakras as the medium of passage. Feel your body reverberate with this energy flow, and get into a state of deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

3. Healing Through Hands

First, place your palms together on top of your head. Hold the hands there and try to listen to your body with care and a focus. while doing this, breathe deeply and slowly, removing the negatives and imbibing the positives into your system. Relax. Place your hands on the forehead and then at the back of your head. Next, go all the way down to the throat and put one hand gently on it and the other on the back of your neck. Hold it for some time and relax.

Now, go down and place your hands on the back of your shoulders, with the fingers facing down, on your chest covering your heart, on the lower chest close to the ribs, on your abdomen, and then the lower abdomen. ensure that at every position, you’re gentle with your touch. Hold the hand until your body asks for it, relax and move to the next part.

After getting done with the head and torso, go down to your hips and place your hands on both your hips, the knees, and the feet. For the feet, put your hands either on top of them or the bottom depending on your convenience. At every juncture, feel the energy flow through your body. Enjoy the experience.

4. Final Thought

Get your hands back in the prayer position and place them in front of your chest. Sit with your spine straight and your body slightly taut. Breathe normally and feel the energy running through your body. Try this for about 3-5 minutes or until you’re feeling the need to do it. The healing method is complete when you feel ignited and energized.

Benefits of Reiki Meditation

  • Reiki meditation can relax your mind and cut back stress
  • It will provide clarity of thought
  • The meditation will increase your perception and visualization
  • It raises your consciousness and betters your ability to resolve issues
  • This technique is widely acknowledged to cure several maladies
  • It is ideal for post-surgery healing
  • It aids good sleep
  • Reiki meditation works well with other healing/medical processes
  • This technique removes energy blocks in your body, enabling free energy flow, which provides you a healthy body
  • It is a self-development and transformation tool

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