Preliminary Poses: – Virasana, Halasana

In Sanskrit Sarvangasana is the mix of two words (Sarva and anga) when these two words are joined together and frame Sarvangasan. (Sarva + anga). In Sanskrit Sarva implies all and anga remains for appendages or body part. In this Pose all aspects of the body is includes with the goal that’s the reason it is known as Sarvangasan yoga posture. You can perform this yoga posture in two ways one technique is called Salamba Sarvangasan yoga posture and another is Niralamba Sarvangasan yoga posture.

In Salamba Sarvangasana yoga posture, you utilize overlap cover and rests on the covers for your shoulder support and this is called Salamba Sarvangasana yoga posture. In second way, you need to play out this without the help of covers and performing shoulder stand pose act without help is known like niralamba sarvangasan. Here we portrayed this asana without help implies Niralamba Sarvangasan. It is recognize as the best asana among the all asanas.

How to do Sarvangasana (सर्वांगासन)


1. Rests on your back straight.

2. Take in and inhale out, lift your the two legs the upward way.

3. Stop by then when the two legs influence a 90 degree to point with the floor.

4. Make the uttanpadasana posture.

5. While breathing out lift your midsection; push your legs to in reverse over the head.

6. Utilize your the two hands for supporting abdomen.

7. Get your legs, back and midsection in one straight line.

8. Extend your toes towards sky, watch out for your toes.

9. Hold the position for quite a while, keep typical relaxing.

10. Gradually return to starting position.

11. Rehash this for three to four times.

Health benefits of Sarvangasana (Shoulders stand pose)

  • Controls and cures the issues identified with genital organs.
  • Useful in obstruction.
  • Cures varicose veins and hemorrhoids.
  • Helpful in issues identified with ears, nose and throat.
  • Vivified the blood circulatory framework, stomach related framework and respiratory framework.
  • Refresh the thyroid organ; coz amid posture loads of blood streams towards throat.
  • Gainful in asthma, diabetes, liver issue and intestinal issue.
  • Controls contracting of skins and wrinkles in confront.

Contraindications of shoulder stand pose

Evade this posture, in the event of high circulatory strain, spondylitis, slip plate, center ear issue and in frail or old individuals.

Old individuals or feeble individuals attempt Viparitakarani as interchange for this asana and get every one of the benefits of shoulder stand pose. Utilize pads when you are not ready to raise body.

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