Scoliosis is a common medical condition in which a person’s spinal axis has a three-dimensional deviation.

Scoliosis is not a disease, but rather it is a term used to describe any abnormal, sideways curvature of the spine. Viewed from the back, a typical spine is straight. When scoliosis occurs, the spine can curve in one of three ways: here are natural remedies for scoliosis treatment.

  • The spine curves to the side as a single curve to the left (shaped like the letter C), called levoscoliosis
  • The spine curves to the side as a single curve to the right (shaped like a backwards letter C), called dextroscoliosis
  • The spine has two curves (shaped like the letter S).


Types of Scoliosis

Non-structural scoliosis (functional or postural scoliosis)

In this type, the back (spine) is structurally normal, but looks curved because of another condition such as differing leg length or muscle spasm in the back muscles. The curve is usually mild and it changes or goes away when the person bends sideways or forwards.

Structural scoliosis

In this, the curve is fixed and doesn’t go away when the person changes position. There are different types:

  • Idiopathic : In this the cause is not known. More than 8 in 10 cases of scoliosis are idiopathic.
  • Neuromuscular : In this the curve is caused by a condition which affects muscles or nerves of the back. For example, it may occur in some cases of muscular dystrophy, polio, cerebral palsy, or neurofibromatosis. Around one 1 in 10 cases of scoliosis are neuromuscular.
  • Osteopathic : This is a result of a bone abnormality.
  • Congenital : In this the spine does not form properly when a baby develops in the womb. This is a cause in around 1 in 10 cases.


Remedies for Scoliosis Treatment

Thyme And Peppermint

It has been seen that build up of microbes in the spine can lead to scoliosis. To prevent microbe formation use herbal oils such as thyme oil which is antibiotic and anti-inflammatory in nature. This will reduce the build-up of microbes and contribute to slowing or stopping the progress of the disease.

Regular massage with a combination of thyme and peppermint oil in conjunction with physical therapy can rectify scoliosis to some extent.


This herb is very rich in silica and vitamin K. Vitamin K helps in close knitting of the bone cells in combination with vitamin D. This helps the bone mass to maintain the level of calcium.

A regular regimen of alfalfa along with physical therapy will help you to reverse the spinal curvature to some extent.


Kale is packed with important minerals that can significantly strengthen bone mass, by boosting the production of collagen, which the body needs to create muscle, tissue and bone, as well as bind those elements together.

Adding kale to your diet can increase your overall bone density and prevent brittleness. When combined with a back brace or other force-oriented therapies for spinal curvature disorders, this dietary choice can help speed the process, helping the spine bend back in shape faster.


Horsetail is a herb that contains an essential mineral silica. Silica is required for the formation of healthy muscles. Healthy muscles are less prone to spasms and contractions. The tissues of the joints especially the lower back have to be strong enough. Silica helps in formation of healthy tissue.

Calcium and magnesium


Calcium and magnesium rich foods or their supplements have to be taken as these minerals have the capacity to relax the tension in the muscles and reduces contraction. They help in relieving symptoms of scoliosis like mass contraction and also severe pain. They reduce muscle spasms as both the minerals help in formation of strong bones in the body.

Losing Weight

Obesity does not help with the severity or discomfort of spinal curvature disorders. This unnecessary weight puts excess strain on your spine and vertebrae, making your condition even worse, and making it much more difficult to correct. Losing weight through a proper diet and exercise is an important foundation before more formal treatments can be helpful in relieving these disorders.



Gentle and warm massage with essential oils of various herbs helps in relieving symptoms of scoliosis. Scoliosis is associated with deep and excruciating pain sometimes. Hot or warm compress which produce moist heat decreases the pain caused by curved spine. Essential oils of herbs like rosemary, cypress, birch, basil are used.



Chiropractic treatments include wearing a brace that reduces misalignment of spine. The bent spine can be realigned by wearing a brace that holds the back in place and allows correct movement of the spine. It reduces pain and also progression of curvature of spine.

Physical Activity


Physical activity is extremely important for treating scoliosis effectively. Exercise regularly to straighten the spine. Maintain a proper posture to reduce strain and curvature of the spine. Exercises that are specific for lower back are recommended. Yoga postures are a perfect way to treat scoliosis.

Spinal curvature disorders range greatly in terms of severity and speed of progression, but consulting with a medical professional, physical therapist, or chiropractor is always recommended. Many of these home remedies should be done in conjunction with a doctor’s more formal suggestions for braces, surgery, or medication.

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