Name: – Shirshasana (शीर्षासन)

Meaning: – Headstand Pose

Stance Type: – Upside down

Shirshasana is originated from the Sanskrit word “Shirsha” which signifies ‘Head’. There are such huge numbers of varieties in Shirshasana, in this, we depict Salamba Sirshasana (upheld headstand stance) and this is a basic kind of Shirshasana among every one of the varieties of Shirshasana. In this, the body is completely modified and held upright supported by the lower arms, and the crown of the head lies gently on the floor.

Sirshasana is otherwise called the ‘lord of all Asanas’ because of its different medicinal focal points, is a modified position. Its physiological effects can be felt in the entire living being, yet more especially at the level of the blood dissemination, absorption and endocrine framework.

How to do Shirshasana (Headstand pose)


1. At first, go to the Child Pose (Balasana) from this stance grab your elbows and interlock your fingers to shape an equilateral triangle. (It’s a base to the stance for your head bolster).

2. Presently cut down your crown of the make a beeline for the tangle on the floor and the rear of your head is touching your hands. (Which you interlocked in before step, bolster your head by your hands).

3. Attempt to rectify your legs and gradually put your legs towards the bearing of head. Your back ought to be straight.

4. Presently twist your knees and keep your foot rear areas close to the butts.

5. After that gradually raise your legs directly at the point of 90 degrees.

6. Inhale ordinarily with no strain.

7. Hold the position as much as you can.

8. Presently delicately twist your knees and keep your foot sole areas close to the butts and come into the tyke posture.

(In the beginning, stage hold the position for a couple of minutes, step by step increment the length, on the off chance that you feel awkward to leave the posture at the earliest opportunity).

Health benefits of Shirshasana (शीर्षासन)

  • Supportive in stress and builds the focus.
  • It enhances the bloodstream to the eyes.
  • It offers quality to arms, shoulders and center muscles.
  • Backs off the maturing issues.
  • It enhances the blood flow to the head and scalp.
  • It enhances the absorption and end process.
  • Decrease liquid develops in your feet, lower legs, and legs.
  • Expands the level of hemoglobin in the blood.
  • Gives a delicate back rub to the inner organs.
  • It adjusts and fortifies the procedure of the endocrine organs, predominantly the pituitary and pineal organs.

There are such a large number of varieties in Shirshasana and on the off chance that you need to perform varieties, first, you need to ace in a fundamental posture of Shirshasana (Salamba Shirshasana). Once you are ace in essential at that point attempt these varieties as per your agreeable level.


This Asana ought to be stayed away from on account of neck damage, extreme cerebral pain. Amid feminine cycles stay away from this. Individuals who are experiencing high B.P. issues, heart issues, mind damage, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, hernia, heftiness, and hypertension are entirely exhorted not to play out this asana. Counsel a specialist and specialist additionally before doing any yoga exercises.

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