Skipping rope is a great tool for cardiovascular fitness. Not only is it economical and easily portable, but it also increases your endurance, stamina, and helps in burning calories. Skipping benefits also help in correcting posture by increasing core strength. Fifteen minutes of skipping are considered to be the equivalent of 30 minutes. It’s good to jump rope for weight loss. There are various skipping rope benefits discussed below.

There are many techniques which can be used when skipping. These can be used individually, or combined in a series, to create a routine. Some are as under:

## Basic jump

Jump with both feet slightly apart over the rope. Beginners usually master this technique first before moving onto more advanced techniques.

## Alternate foot jump (speed step)

Use alternate feet to jump off the ground. This technique can be used to effectively double the number of jumps per minute as compared to the above technique. This step can be used for speed events.

## Criss-cross

Also known as Crossover or cross arms. Perform the basic jump whilst crossing arms in front of the body.

## Side Swing

The rope is passed by the side of the participant’s body, without jumping it.

## Double under

A high basic jump, turning the rope twice under the feet. Turning the rope three times is called a triple under. In competitions, participants may attempt quadruple (quads) and quintuple unders (quins) using the same method. 

Skipping rope benefits for health (jump rope workout) 

skipping rope benefits

1Improves Heart Rate

Skipping is one of the best forms of cardio exercises, which contributes to a healthy heart along with the arteries and veins that help circulate blood and oxygen between the heart and the other organs of the body. By enhancing the capacity of this framework, your heart will perform more efficiently. This is the best benefits of skipping rope as a healthy heart keeps a healthy you.

2Get a radiant glow

The inherent benefit of any exercise is releasing out the toxins. When you sweat out or exercise for about half an hour to one hour, your body flush out the toxins which results in a glowing skin which we crave for all the time.

Skipping increases blood flow to all the organs as it involves the movement of the whole body. So, the nutrient supply to your skin also increases.

3Keep stress levels low

Working both your body and your brain at the same time can help keep you calm and focused. The synchronization of jumping combines both your mind and body’s ability, taking your mind off other areas of thought while simultaneously releasing “feel good” endorphins to combat issues such as depression.

4Speed and Strength

If you push yourself through a jump rope session, increasing your speed as you go, you’ll see improvements in quickness, agility and reaction time. Jumping rope also help to increase the strength in your feet and ankles.

Here you get to know some skipping rope benefits. Now take a look at some basic things to keep in mind doing skipping exercise. 

Basic Things to Follow While Doing Skipping Exercises

  • Buy a good quality rope. An inappropriate rope can break while you are exercising and hurt you. So make sure the rope is strong. Click here to buy a best jump rope.
  • Many studies claim that barefoot skipping is better as it makes your feet strong. It also helps to cure many foot-related problems. Barefoot skipping comes naturally to some. But, most people need to train themselves slowly to be able to jump rope for a good session of barefoot skipping. If you feel pain when you try barefoot skipping, wear trainers or good sports shoes to absorb the shock of your feet meeting the ground repeatedly.
  • The Jumping Surface for the exercise matters a lot. Skipping exercise should not be done on a carpeted surface or stone or any rough surface. You should do the exercise on shock-absorbing surfaces, preferably wooden floors or other smooth surfaces to avoid tripping or rubbing, which can lead to injuries.
  • A proper jumping area is required for this exercise. Though skipping can be done anytime and anywhere, it still needs an open area so that the rope doesn’t get stuck in any objects nearby. The area should also have high ceilings or open sky.
  • Rope jumping is a high-intensity exercise and hence one must do a proper warm-up before starting the exercise. Stretching exercises are a must before skipping. Light on-the-spot jogging warms up the body for the high-aerobic skipping exercise.

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