Did you know that up to 22% of people have trouble sleeping? Yes, that is indeed a fact and so if you are having trouble getting the much needed and restful good sleep you are not the only one. Although there are different reasons behind this there are some common sleeping mistakes that you don’t know that you are making, and they are likely to be the reason why you can’t get enough sleep. Below are ten of these common mistakes and some tips on how you can avoid them to sleep better or good sleep.

 10 Sleeping Mistakes You Don’t Know You Are Making which affect to sleep better

1 Eating the Wrong Late Night Snacks


You should avoid snacking before going to bed to sleep better because a full belly will make you uncomfortable and hence make it hard for you to fall asleep. It is not always easy to fight the urge to bite something before bed, but the mistake that most make is that they eat the wrong things. High fat and sugary snacks are hard to digest at night because everything slows down and so having them will overwhelm your body and this, in turn, makes it hard for you to sleep. Instead eat things to help you sleep which contains low fat.

2 Snoozing the Alarm

Alarms can be annoying and so in most cases you will always find yourself pushing the snooze button when it starts ringing. However, snoozing is a big mistake because it means that you will be fragmenting your good night’s sleep, and you also get your body into a new sleep cycle that you cannot finish since you have to go to work. Avoid this mistake, to sleep better you should set the alarm at the exact or actual time that you want to wake up so as to avoid the need to snooze.

3 Sleeping with a Pet

sleeping-with-pet sleep better

A majority of people who sleep with their pets have trouble sleeping. And this is regardless of the type of pet it is because all are known to interfere to sleep better in different ways. Pets will whimper, wander or always have the need to go outside in the middle of the night. The solution for this is to keep the pet in a separate room or consult a vet for some help if they still distract you even when you sleep separately.

4 Alcohol before Bed To Sleep Better

There is a common notion that a small glass of alcohol before bed will help you fall asleep faster and comfortably. However, this is not true and it, in fact, does the opposite because a drunken person will not have quality REM sleep. REM has a close relationship with your deep sleep, and if you interfere with this, you can be sure that the following day you will be feeling drowsiness. And if you add the hangover that comes from alcohol then you will have all the ingredients needed for a terrible and unproductive day.

5 Abusing Prescription Sleep Medication for good sleep

Sleep medication is a gift from the heavens for some people because it is the only way that they can sleep, and this is more so in situations where the person involved is in a lot of pain. However, if you are just okay and rely on them to get sleep, this is a terrible mistake because they will just mask the problem and not help resolve it. Abusing these pills leads to dependence or even addiction, and you cannot sleep without swallowing a few, and this also poses a significant health risk. Avoid the medication as much as possible and try using other natural ways to help you get some sleep.

6 Using Tech Gadgets before Bed


It is almost impossible for most people to sleep without going through their laptop or smartphone. Whether you are on social media sites or checking some emails, it is still a bad idea to use these gadgets before going to bed. These devices emit blue light which in turn delays the production of melatonin, the hormone that induces to sleep better. And so this means that it will take you longer to fall asleep when you use the gadgets, and so it is a good idea to keep them away from the bedroom.

7 Leaving TV On

Most people tend to assume that they always have a few minutes to spare after dinner to watch television. Whereas this might be correct to some extent, in most cases, you will find yourself watching the TV for several hours, and this is a mistake because it will interfere with your sleeping cycle and also reduce the number of hours you have for sleep. If you have the TV in the bedroom, you will probably fall asleep and leave it on only for it to wake you up in the middle of the night. Avoid watching TV before going to bed and also keep it away from the bedroom if possible to sleep better and good sleep.

8 Long Naps Late in the Day

Doctors and sleep experts recommend that you should have 20 or 30-minute naps during the day because they increase your overall performance and improve your mood and alertness. However, if you make them too long and fall into a deep sleep, the naps will do more harm than good as they will make it hard for you to sleep in the evening and you also wake up feeling groggy.

9 Stressing Over to Sleep better

It can be annoying when you cannot fall asleep, or you are not getting enough of it. However, stressing over this only makes things worse, and this is also one of the sleeping mistakes that you don’t know you are making. Even if you don’t think you will get enough good sleep just relax and prepare yourself for bed with a calming routine.

10 Taking Coffee after Dinner

A late night cup of coffee seems like a good idea as it always leaves you feeling good and refreshed. However, taking caffeine at night is one of the most common mistakes that most people make. That one cup of coffee that makes you feel good will keep you awake at night, and this will, in turn, interfere with your sleep cycle. Even a special pillow for a good night’s sleep might not be able to help you kick out this insomnia that comes with caffeine. Restrict your coffee intake to the daytime to sleep better because this is when you need it most.


Take control of you sleep today by avoiding the ten sleeping mistakes above but most importantly do not stress over it. Always keep in mind that how good you sleep will always reflect on your performance at work and also in social interactions.


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