Including fresh sugar free fruits and vegetables in your daily diet is one of the easy ways to maintain your health. The sugar occurring naturally in fruits and veggies is buffered by vital minerals, phytochemcials, fiber and vitamins, which benefit our health. However, if you are watching the sugar free fruits and vegetables intake for various reasons then some of the veggies and fruits are much better option than the others.

Sugar Free Fruits And Vegetables


There are many sugar free fruits and vegetables that are high on nutrients but extremely low on sugar or rather sugar-free. These are sugar free fruits and vegetables that you must consume in case you suffer from diabetes or blood sugar issues. Most of them give you an energy boost, without making you worry about rising levels of sugar. In the long run, they also combat problems related to blood sugar.


Best Sugar Free Fruits And Vegetables for diabetes and To Lose weight


  • Broccoli

Apart from dietary fiber, calcium and other nutrients broccoli contains antioxidants which will keep your sugar levels on the right level. This sugar free veggie also helps to cure you from skin problems.

  • Grapefruit

Grapefruit is one of the most effective remedies for cough and cold. The presence of the all important Vitamin C ensures that this fruit also protects you from scurvy. This is another one of the zero-fat value foods, which you can eat without once thinking or worrying about gaining extra pounds (1).

  • Beetroot

Beets help cure and prevent many afflictions. They are probably one of the other complete foods on our low sugar foods list. Beets are full of minerals like potassium, iron, fiber and dietary fiber. They get their rich color from a potent antioxidant called betanin. To top it all, beets taste sweet (2).

  • Tomatoes

Tomatoes are low-fat and virtually sugar-free fruit which is a must for diabetics. Adding tomatoes to your diet also helps to keep your skin flawless (3).

  • Guava

This vitamin a rich fruit is really negligible on sugar levels. It has a glycemic index that is really low so it will not affect your sugar levels in the body and hence is sugar free. Consume one guava daily without feeling guilty.

  • Papaya

Natural antioxidants within the fruit make papaya a great choice for diabetics. Diabetics are prone to many ailments, including heart or nerve damage caused by irregular blood sugar levels. A diet incorporating papaya can obstruct future cell damage for a better and longer life span (4).

  • Strawberries

Strawberries have low- glycemic index hence it’s slowly released in the blood stream as glucose. It can also improve immunity, has cancer fighting ability and increases metabolism, which in turn helps you lose weight.

  • Avocado

Avocado is one of the best sugar free fruits for diabetes you can consume. This low-sugar and low-fat food can be consumed in any form. It also has a high amount of vitamins like E, A, K and B6 (5).

  • Lettuce

Lettuce is a vegetable that is high on fibre, nutrients and really tasty to eat. It has a very low sugar index per cup, which is almost negligible. So make sure that you include a lot of lettuce in your salads and dishes to keep sugar at bay.

  • Watermelon

The high potassium content makes watermelon one of best fruits for proper kidney functioning which in turn keep your blood uric acid levels on the lower side. This prevents kidney damage especially if you are diabetic. Also, diabetes can cause nerve damage but lycopene found in watermelon really helps reduce the effect.

  • Asparagus

Asparagus has been used in many cultures to treat a variety of diseases. Asparagus contains zero fat and virtually no sugar, while containing many other important nutrients, which are quite beneficial for the body. It contains vitamins A, C, E, K, B6 and minerals like iron, copper, folate and is also rich in protein (6).

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