The Sukhasana (सुखासन) is exceptionally easy to perform for individuals of any age and levels of physical well being. The term ‘Sukhasana’ is gotten from the Sanskrit word “Sukham” which implies “joy” or “ecstasy” and “asana” means ‘act’. Every one of the Asanas is classified into three sections – Basic Asana, middle of the road and progressed. As a novice (Beginner) you are not ready to endeavor the propelled asanas. So this central Asana is best for a tenderfoot to start their yoga session. This is reflective and unwinding posture. Sukhasana is anything but difficult to perform.

There are no preliminary postures for this since this asana is preliminary stance for different asanas.

How to do Sukhasana (Easy Yoga Pose, सुखासन)


1. Sit down regularly on the floor. (In the event that you are not used to sitting on the floor or you are awkward, at that point keep one thick collapsed cover on the floor for the firm and level base for sitting). Extend your legs ahead in front.

2. Presently fold your legs and expand your knees, all together that you can slip your both foot under the inverse knee.

3. After that, you need to twist your knees alongside overlay your legs.

4. Keep your feet free, all together that the outer edges lay on the floor and the internal bends are settled underneath the reverse leg.

5. Your thighs and crossed legs should outline a little triangle. Keep some space between your feet and pelvis.

6. Presently sit with your butt cheek in an unbiased position. (For this, you need to press your hands contradicting the ground and lift your sitting bones a bit). Endeavor to hold for a breath or two and after that steadily cut down yourself back on to the floor.

7. Parity your tail bone and pubic bone in a way that they are equidistant from the floor.

8. Keep your hands on your knees with palm looking down and extend your tailbone against the floor. (You can keep your hands in Gyan mudra).

(You may need to turn the cross of your legs, especially if you endeavor this position reliably. You should hold this stance for whatever period of time that you are pleasant).

Health Benefits of Sukhasana (Easy Yoga Pose)

  • It extends and lengthens your spine.
  • Expands your collarbones and chest.
  • It quiets your psyche.
  • Upgrade your state of tranquility and peacefulness.
  • Kick out nervousness, stretch, and mental tiredness.
  • It helps in enhancing body pose.
  • It opens your hips.
  • It helps in diminishing exhaustion.
  • It extends your lower legs and knees.
  • It gives a delicate back rub to your knees, lower leg muscles and your thighs too.


As the name proposes, the Sukhasa yoga position is known as a straightforward position and agreeable asana. Thus it doesn’t have too many various contraindications.

People who are encountering spinal pain or back distress shouldn’t remain in this position for more than 5 minutes. Individuals who have encountered the knee damage are exhorted not to sit in this position for a long time. Keep away from this if there should be an occurrence of joint or knee-related issues. Continuously counsel a yoga master before doing Asana and Pranayama.

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