When you are suffering from fever and signs of fever, it is really important that you get sufficient nutrition but your diet should be simple enough so that it is not very difficult for your digestive system to cope with the food.

Deciding a diet that is easy to digest and yet full of nutrition is not very difficult and after going through this article you can easily come up with the right diet to take during signs of fever.

signs of fever bukhar


There are a few foods that can provide you relief during fever. Apart from being filling, these foods are nutritious, healthy and can be easily digested by the patient. Indian foods like chappati, khichdi or dalia are commonly consumed during signs of a fever .

As the digestion during any illness gets weak, you must avoid spicy or greasy foods. Instead of having something spicy or salty, opt for easy to digest boiled rice, boiled potatoes or porridge.


Things to do during signs of fever (bukhar)


1. Consume raw fruits and vegetables which can be peeled.

2. Drink lots of water. It will cool down the body temperature and flush out the toxins.

3. Take lots of fluids such as fruit juices, coconut water, lime water, glucose water, electrolyte drinks etc. They will keep your body cool and provide you with vitamins and minerals needed to boost up the immune system. Electrolyte drinks will maintain the electrolyte balance in the body which is lost due to excessive perspiration, urination or when fever is accompanied with diarrhoea.

4. Never go for raw foods as they take time to get digested. Eat boiled or cooked foods like soups, porridge, khichdi, etc so that your organs don’t have to work hard.

5. Do not take canned vegetables or fruits. Go for fresh whole fruits or fresh fruit juices.

6. During high fever patient should be given fluids at an interval of 2 hrs. When the signs of fever subsides, patient can be given soft diet like yogurt, porridge, soups, khichdi, etc.

7. Fermented foods like yogurt, idli, buttermilk, soy products, etc. will provide you with beneficial bacteria which help the body to fight against infections and diseases.

8. Ice-creams and cold yogurt can give soothing effect on sore throat whereas in case of pneumonia go for hot boiled milk, hot soups or khichdi.

9. Do not take sugar or honey instead take glucose. Blood will absorb glucose more easily than sugar. This will get you instant energy.

10. Do not take alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, coffee, carbonated beverages, sea food, red meat, spicy or fatty foods, etc. during fever.


What to do to prevent getting sick


  • avoid over- or under-exercising
  • avoid over- or under-eating
  • maintain a healthy body weight
  • wash your hands
  • get enough sleep, consistently
  • manage stress
  • eat plenty of nutrient-dense foods



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