Ladies normally have stretch marks amid pregnancy. The marks show up because of sudden extending of skin surface. The hereditary components assume a major part in appearance of these imprints. The stretch marks show up on stomach, bosoms and thighs.

The shade of these imprints can begin as pink advance to rosy darker, brown or dim dark colored. Over a drawn out stretch of time they obtain gleaming dark. These shading changes rely on the shade of skin. The extend stamps despite the fact that cannot be totally cured; at any rate they can be limited with these tips to reduce stretch marks.

Writings of ayurveda specify stretch stamps as “Kikkwisa”. Applying kumkumadi lepam, turmeric rubbed with ksheerabala oil help to decrease extend marks. Ayurveda acharyas prescribe counteracting scratching the extend stamps as it causes scarring.

In the event that you feel tingling sensations on these imprints rub delicately with delicate cotton material or cotton balls. Kneading stomach area daintily with ksheerabala oil lessens dryness of skin and diminishes striae gravidarum.

The seriousness of stretch imprints can be diminished or limited by taking preventive measures as right on time as could be expected under the circumstances. Here are few hints to avert stretch marks.

Tips to reduce stretch marks in pregnancy

reduce stretch marks

1. Apply a lot of saturating cream at rehashed interims of time.(Dermatologists suggest use of lotion no less than 4 times day by day). Select a cream which is rich in common fixings. Maintain a strategic distance from cream which contains cruel chemicals.

2. Drink a lot of water to keep the skin all around hydrated. All around hydrated skin has greater versatility.

3. Include new vegetables and natural products which are rich in Vitamins (E and C) and minerals (silica and zinc).

4. Exercise consistently. Continuously picked gentle activities. Counsel your gynaecologist before beginning any activity routine amid pregnancy.

5. Check your weight. Any strange weight gain can overstate appearance of extend marks.

6. Applying ayurvedic ksheerabala oil which is set up with sesame oil, drain and herb sida cardifolia (bala) diminishes dryness of skin.

7. Application of kumkumadi lepam or kumkumadi tailam additionally lessens the extend marks.

8. Mix turmeric to ksheerabala oil and apply on striae gravidarum. This must be done when the imprints show up in starting.

9. A home solution for stretch marks treatment goes as takes after. Blend a squeeze of turmeric in 10 ml of unadulterated coconut oil. Apply this on to reduce stretch marks. A similar cure is suggested by ayurveda acharyas.

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