A lot of content has been written with regards to foods to lose weight and weight loss. It goes without saying that you are a product of what you eat. If you have poor food choices, then you will tend to have a very poor result where the most likely end is obesity.To avert such an eventuality, it is prudent to ensure that one check on their daily diet. Normally, a balanced diet(foods to lose weight) is enough to ensure that you keep obesity at bay. However, you can fast track your journey by making use of the following foods to lose weight.weightloss1

Foods which make a person feel full for much longer while others increase the metabolism of the body.

Top 7 Healthy Foods to lose weight That Help You Shed Pouds


beans, foods to lose weightBeans

This is one of the most readily available foods to lose weight in the market that one can make use of to lose weight. What’s more, there are numerous varieties of beans which one can choose from, all which are inexpensive. The reason why beans are important in helping one lose weight is that they are a high-quality source of protein, help one feel satiated and have a high content of fiber which makes them slow to digest, hence makes one full for longer as opposed to other foods to lose weight.


beetroot soupSoup

There is a reason why most three course meals have soup as a starter. The reason behind this is that it acts as a filler in the stomach. Thus, the result is a person eating less than would have been had the soup been unavailable. Whether the soup is based on vegetable, protein; pureed or broth in nature does not matter as the soup will help in shedding weight.



Well, this food in most people’s books would be food to avoid if they are serious about shedding weight. However, moderate consumption of dark chocolate can help minimize consumption of food. According to a study, people who consumed moderate amounts of chocolate in between meals were seen to eat 15% less food as opposed to people who did not consume the chocolate. One can also make weight loss shakes with the dark chocolate.



It goes without saying that this is one group of foods to lose weight that must be included in the diet. The reason behind this is because they are low in calories, high in fiber and thus, help one feel full for much longer. The fiber in the body also helps in excretion of cholesterol in the body and goes a long way in ensuring that one stays safe from heart disease or stroke. Making the right choice of vegetables in a meal will ensure that you still enjoy your meal and not have a bland meal.



Although one may imagine that eggs tend to make one fat, when eaten right and at the right time of the day, they can help prevent hunger pangs which lead to binge eating. The best time to make use ofthe eggs is during breakfast. A high protein meal helps one keep full for longer as it takes a while to digest proteins in the body as opposed to the digestion of carbohydrates.



This is one of the excellent food groups that one can use as a biting in between the meals. Nuts help sustain the feeling of the body being full and thus prevent overeating as a result of hunger pangs which normally occur in between meals. Cashew nuts, almonds, and groundnuts are just but simple examples of the nuts that can be inculcated in the diet for maximum benefits.



Last but not least are apples. Remember the adage that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, there must be a good reason as to why the apples have been recommended for quite a long time. Appleshave been shown to be great antioxidants and with that, protect the body by mopping up free radicalswhich if left unchecked go on to wreak havoc in the body. Further, apples are rich in finer which helps in reducing cholesterol which is the bad fat in the body. One can eat the apple whole, juice it, slice it into a fruit salad or even make a sauce with it which makes them versatile to be used with other foods.


For the best value in reducing weight loss, a multi-faceted approach where the use of all the above-listed foods to lose weight is employed. It goes without saying that mild exercise can also help shed weight and contribute to the overall goal where one desires to be at the weight that their BMI height corresponds to. When progress tends to seem too slow, use of lipozene, a weight loss enhancer, is recommended. It is important to note that for one to see natural results, patience is necessary as the changes are definite but slow. All the best in your weight loss journey.


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