The thigh gap phenomenon has been something that has generally split women into two categories: Those that abide the “social norms” and have a thigh gap, and those that don’t have a thigh gap and have to deal with the scrutiny of the public. Many women are struggling with the perceptions of thigh gaps and think that they absolutely need thigh gaps if they are to be beautiful, successful or appreciated.

Top reasons you don’t need a thigh gap

thigh gap


This perception is skewed by what the standards are at any given time but this article serves as a statement that you don’t need a thigh gap in order to be happy with yourself or for others to be happy with how you look for that matter. If you’re interested in finding some inspiration in regards to this subject you can always check thigh gap photos. Meanwhile, we are going to go over some of the reasons why a thigh gap should be the last thing on your mind.

Keep in mind previous infatuations

If you have a big booty, chances are that your thighs aren’t far behind either. Keep in mind that not long ago, the world was going crazy over big booties, with performers like Iggy Azalea and J.Lo rocking their generous booties on display to the acclamation of many.

There’s no telling what the world is going to be obsessed with next, so it’s important to stay true to yourself and not to what others want from you. If you just pursue every other trend regarding the woman body, you’ll never be able to be happy with who you are.

Of course, those that do fit the criteria needed for a given time to be “hip” or “beautiful” usually will support said trend because it’s in their favor since they fit the bill. That’s another reason for which you should never head when others claim that you should do this or that to change your body.

Keep on having fun

Thick thighs aren’t just for display, they also have a practical purpose. You are able to dance a lot more and enjoy yourself with big thighs. Girls with thigh gaps will give out a lot easier on the dance floor while girls with big thighs will be able to keep up the pace and dance all night long. When you go out to have fun, that’s a lot more valuable.

It’s not just about dancing either, as you will probably have to walk a lot throughout your night out. After you’ve danced the night away, you’re probably in the mood for a midnight snack or afterparty treat. It sure would be a shame to have to bail on your friends when they decide to hit up the local donut shop or the afterhours pizza joint because your own joins and hips can’t take it anymore.


In order to strut properly, you need powerful thighs. Those that don’t have adequate thighs can’t really strut. Strutting isn’t about showing off but about imposing authority and respect. When you strut, it’s the equivalent of a predator showing their teeth. It lets the others know who’s in charge. That’s another one of the beauties of thick thighs. When your thighs fit the part, you are able to strut with ease and naturally demand the authority that you deserve. So even though having thick thighs can definitely lead some girls into not being confident with their bodies, it should really be the other way around. Keeping that in mind the next you go out or feel like you are being put in an uncomfortable position because of your thick thighs will help you regain your confidence and strut all the way to that dancefloor.

You’ll thank Mother Nature come winter

In the summer, many people are talking about thigh gaps but when winter hits, girls with big thighs will get the last laugh. Big thighs keep that area a lot warmer and it will be a welcomed warmth maintainer when the harsh winter wind starts to blow. At the same time, thigh gap girls will definitely not be enjoying how the wind makes use of their gaps.

There are many things that you can argue with, but nature isn’t one of them and you won’t be able to change the seasons. Luckily, if you have dominant thighs, you won’t even have to because a cold breeze won’t be reaching any place that it isn’t supposed to.

That being said, thigh gaps aren’t really the mold you should be chasing. Maintaining your own form will give you something that a thigh gap will never be able to give you: character. By embracing your thick and voluptuous thighs, you are able to let your character speak for you when you engage new people but also when you’re around your friends and family. If you start looking at the positive aspects of having thick thighs, those family reunions or nights out with friends will suddenly look a lot more appealing.

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