There are a lot of food trends floating around that proclaim several health benefits for young and old alike. But are trendy foods worthy of the hype they generate?

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7 Trendy Foods That Are Not Just Hype

Today we are going to check out foods that get talked about a lot but are not just fancy sounding names. We’ve highlighted foods that can actually make a difference to your health and fitness while being easy to find and don’t put a hole in your wallet. Without further ado, let’s go check them out!

This is by no means a conclusive list; there are several other foods that are trendier and healthier out there that warrants mention. The foods listed here are based on my experiments with diet and unique foods with great health benefits.


1. Quinoa

This grain has been around since forever but its health benefits are being explored only in the past few decades. If you are looking to get your protein fix in a low-calorie diet, this is actually one of the best foods out in the market. The protein benefits of quinoa are, for the lack of a better description, more complete than other sources with ample addition of amino acids to go along with it. Definitely worth the hype, this one.


2. Flax Seeds

The seeds of the Flax plant, called flax seeds are being talked about a lot these days. It has 3 main nutrient components that can help your body – fiber, lignans, and omega-3s. Fiber, we all know is responsible for keeping us satiated while lignans are found to lower risk of cancer and other malignant diseases.  Omega-3 has well-documented cognitive benefits that prevent mental deterioration. Flax seeds can be ground and added to shakes, cereals, or salads. You can even add them to cakes or breads.


3. Almond Milk

For people who are vegans or lactose intolerant, almond milk is an ideal substitute for cow’s milk. While this is easily made, mixing ground almonds with water, it has health benefits that rival and for some people even surpass traditional cow’s milk. Almond milk is rich in vitamins and minerals while having really low fat and calorie content. This is perfect for people who are getting into a low-carb diet.


4. Wheat Germ

The innermost layer of wheat is called wheat germ and its fiber content is exceptionally high. Like Flax seed, you can add this to several recipes without losing out on its nutritional value. If for some reason you do not prefer Flax seeds, you can choose this as it has a more neutral taste. It’s also a delicious accompaniment with a lot more varied dishes when compared to Flax seeds.


5. Chia seeds

Another seed that has recently been in the limelight for health benefits, chia seeds are little packets filled with fiber, calcium, and riboflavin along with a host of other goodies that are great for the body. It’s flavorless and you can add them to any dishes you want without worrying about altering the palate. It also becomes a soft gel when water is added which can aid your feeling of satiety after a meal.


6. Greek Yogurt

A lot of commercials advertising the benefits of this type of yogurt have been making the rounds in the supermarkets and on television. Basically, traditional yogurt refined and stripped of whey results in this thick textured food. It contains almost double the amount of protein in regular yogurt, while also being full of calcium. Finally, the low-carb nature of this food means that it is safe to be consumed by diabetics also.


7. Coconut Water

Ever coconut hides this incredible sachet of minerals and electrolytes that are essential for the human body. Coconut water contains potassium and sodium, two minerals that the key to cardiovascular health and fitness. Drinking coconut water also regulates your blood pressure levels while reducing HDL cholesterol in your body. This trendy foods some people might find it a bit odd. But there are varieties in the market that are also plain flavored.



There you have it! Not all popular trendy foods of recent times have boarded the hype express when it comes to offering actual benefits. While a lot of them are just marketing ploys, there are more than a few that can offer actual benefits to your body, like the ones we’ve been able to list here.

These trendy foods are a great alternative to those sugar-heavy and fatty foods you eat every day. Also, they taste quite different from other commonplace health foods. This acts like a good changeup for when you find your diet too boring!

While these should get your trend-diet started, there are several more beneficial foods out there that you should check out. Have a happy and healthy day today!

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