Tula or Tola signifies “adjust” or “measuring scale” by which we can gauge or adjust the heaviness of a question or body weight. Tulasana (तुलासन) is otherwise called raised Lotus Pose or lifted lotus posture. This is an uncommon position performed in yoga that has its consideration on the change of different parts of your body. Your knees, spine, and waist (belly), nearby your shoulder muscles are colossally benefitted by playing out this yoga act. It is best done once you are flawless in the Lotus Pose or Padmasana. Your legs can be best kept in a comfortable fit toward your body while you do Tulasana.

Sort: – Arm adjust, Core

Elective Names: – Tulasana (Scale Pose), Dolasana (Swing Pose), Balance Pose, Utthita Padmasana (Raised Lotus Pose)

Steps of Tulasana (scale pose, तुलासन)


1. Get into the Padmasana (Lotus Pose).

2. Your arms should unwind on the floor near your hip region.

3. After that you need to press your both palm on the ground, Keep your hands straight.

4. Presently, inhale out and attempt to raise or lift your abdominal area.

5. Stay in this position for around 20 seconds, and after that drop down your abdominal area release your legs.

6. From that point onward, change your legs in the Padmasana, and repeat this posture by and by as same as prior.

7. Hold the posture in an adjusting position for quite a while and after that drop down your abdominal area discharge your leg and take rest.

(You can likewise swing your body in forward and back heading in the wake of lifting your abdominal area. It’s relies upon your capacities).

Health benefits of Tulasana (scale pose)

  • Tulasana reinforces your arms, wrists and abdominal area locale.
  • Makes your shoulders solid.
  • It unwinds the muscles and quiets the brain.
  • Builds the feeling of adjust.
  • Incorporates fixing of the abs and thusly, achieves an unbending stomach.
  • The muscles of your waist (mid-region) are pulled up tight and in this way, your lungs hint at change supply of oxygen as you breathe in significantly.
  • While invigorating your abs, it moreover gives an inside actuation to the inward organs.
  • In totality, Tolasana upgrades the sentiment evening out of your body and has a calming sway on your whole identity and system.
  • In Tolasana, you need to use your eyes for focused thought. This empties essential blemishes of your eyes.

Preliminary stances: – Padmasana, bond edge posture, Janusirsasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana, Garudasana, Virasana

Follow-up postures: – Kukkutasana


Dodge this asana, in bear, wrist, Ankle and knee wounds. On the off chance that you have tight hips and thighs, at that point maintain a strategic distance from this. In the first place, make your hips and thighs adaptable by doing other asana for adaptability.


  1. Tulasana or scale pose involves body lifting and you will have to lift your whole body by giving all the pressures on your hand. It will stretch your arm muscle and make it more toned and stronger. This postures also strengthens the abdominal muscles and wrists. As this posture involves deep abdominal work, it stimulates our digestive system, as well. This pose also increases flexibility in the hips and wrist area.

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