Turmeric is generally viewed as a “superfood” due to its ample medical advantages, so it’s the ideal fixing in the event that you need a super solid smoothie. A well known fixing in Indian cooking, turmeric is accepted to have hostile to disease properties that are credited to curcumin, the fundamental segment in the sustenance. Some portion of its malignancy insurance could likewise be ascribed to turmeric’s high cancer prevention agent content, while thinks about have additionally exhibited capable calming properties that make turmeric smoothie recipe an intense solution for different wellbeing conditions.

To appreciate the medical advantages of turmeric, experiment with this basic tropical turmeric smoothie formula. While I jump at the chance to top my smoothie with destroyed coconut and cinnamon, you can get as imaginative as you prefer, utilizing different fixings like new mango or whipped cream. Here’s the manner by which to make your own particular tropical turmeric smoothie.

Turmeric smoothie recipe (Anti inflammatory smoothie)

turmeric smoothie recipe



One peeled orange

One ready banana

One glass solidified mango

Two set dates

One peeled thumb measure turmeric root (you can likewise utilize turmeric powder rather than the root)

Water for mixing


Add every one of the fixings to a blender or blender and mix until the point that you get a smooth consistency. Include water as required, to give a smoother consistency.

In the event that you’d like your turmeric smoothie to be some additional velvety, you can even include coconut margarine or vegetarian drain.

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