Yoga is tremendously beneficial in balancing all tasks of body and mind. It produces a harmony among all body parts as well as guarantees correct functioning of whole body. Yoga increases versatility on the body and also eliminate all type of existing as well as future conditions. Yoga is of asana, yoga mudras, pranayama and meditation. It is an ancient practice which advertises mental, physical as well as spiritual health of a person. Yoga mudras helps in routing the circulation of power to every cell of the body, stimulates the various body organs and also rejuvenates body, mind as well as heart (1).

Types of yoga mudras and their meanings (mudras in yoga, various yogic mudras)

1Mudra of Air (Vayu mudra)

In this yoga exercise mudra one needs to fold up index finger to gently push the 2nd bone on the index finger with the thumb. Stretch your other fingers.

Benefits of vayu mudra 

  • It balances the air aspect inside your physique. This mudra releases extra wind from the abdomen and body, thereby decreasing rheumatic (2) and chest ache.


Stop performing the mudra once you get the benefits, as it may cause your system to get imbalanced after a certain time.

2Mudra of Fire (Agni mudra)

In this yoga exercise mudra one should remaining ring finger folded up to delicately push its second bone with the thumb. The other fingers should be in straight placement.

Benefits of Agni mudra

  • It helps to dissolve the additional fats boosting metabolism and controls weight problems.
  • Quickens digestion.
  • Improves physique power.
  • Reduces stress and tension.
  • Controls excessive levels of cholesterol.


The mudra must be avoided if you have indigestion or acidity.

3Mudra of Earth (Prithvi mudra)

In this yoga mudras one has to delicately touch the tips of the thumb and the ring finger. The other fingers ought to be held directly.

Benefits of Prithvi mudra

  • Improves blood circulation all through the physique.
  • Increases persistence and tolerance.
  • Increases focus.
  • This yoga mudra is very efficient in eliminating one from stress level as well as fatigue.
  • Helps strengthen weak and lean bones. Also will increase weight.
  • Reduces weak point, exhaustion and dullness of thoughts.
  • This yoga mudras improves your complexion and gives a pure glow to your pores and skin.

4Mudra of Water (Varun mudra)

This mudra is especially helpful for making skin healthy and balanced and lovely. Your body gets a bundle of positive energy which is enough to treat numerous kinds of conditions. In this mudra one needs to carefully touch the idea of the thumb and also little finger. Rest all the fingers has to be in the straight placement.

Benefits of Varun mudra

  • Balances the water content material in our physique. It prompts fluid circulation throughout the body.
  • Cures all pores and skin points like dryness, pores and skin illnesses and pores and skin infections. It provides a pure glow and luster to your face.
  • Also relieves and prevents any muscle pains.


Pressing the tip of your little finger near the nail will lead to dehydration. So, avoid pressing too hard at that point.

5Mudra of Emptiness (Shunya mudra)

In this yoga exercise mudra one needs to put thumb to carefully push the very first bone of the center finger. Keep all the other fingers directly.

Benefits of Shunya mudra

  • It can also be very useful if somebody is deaf or mentally challenged. But those who are handicapped inborn won’t profit from this mudra.


Stop this mudra after you are cured of the problems.

6Mudra of Sun (Surya mudra)

In this yoga exercise mudra you have to use your thumb to a little press the ring finger, maintaining all the other fingers prolonged.

Benefits of Surya mudra

  • It is kind of helpful in terms of decreasing dangerous ldl cholesterol (3).
  • One experiences fat burning and also minimized degrees of stress and anxiety.
  • Helps to reduce weight
  • Reduces nervousness.
  • Also improves your digestion.

7Mudra of Life Energy (Prana mudra)

This mudra is beneficial for manufacturing as well as motion of the energy in the body. In this mudra one has to bend the little finger in addition to the ring finger. Touch the tip of thumb with the pointer of the angled fingers.

Benefits of Prana mudra

  • This mudra improves your immune system.
  • It additionally will increase your eye energy and likewise cures any kind if eye ailments.
  • It reduces fatigue and tiredness.

8Mudra of Knowledge (Gyan mudra)

This yoga mudra is likewise called the mudra of knowledge. To do this mudra, one needs to slightly touch index finger with the thumb leaving other fingers complimentary. This is a very usual mudra done at times of doing chanting or meditation.

Benefits of gyan mudra

  • This hand mudra is supposed to extend your focus and memory energy.
  • This mudra sharpens your mind energy.
  • It has the flexibility to treatment insomnia (4).
  • Practice this mudra repeatedly to heal your self of all mental and psychological issues like anger, stress, nervousness and even despair.

The highlight of these yoga hand mudras is that it can be practiced by anyone. You could sit in any kind of posture at any type of time of the day to do yoga mudras. One can do all these mudra with empty or full stomach. Young or old could do this mudra easily. Practicing Yoga mudras does not require any sort of accessories.

One need to do these hand mudras for at the very least twenty minutes a day to gain preferred advantages. These yoga mudras make a circuit in the body which strengthens that certain organ or team of body organs in the body. A disciplined and sustained strategy towards this yoga practice help in offering you the comfort of a healthy and balanced and infected free body.

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