Crataegus monogyna is a hawthorn animal categories being local to Northwest Africa, Europe and Western Asia. It is considered as an intrusive weed in different parts of world. It is a little tree or bush which is 5 to 14 m stature with dull dark colored barks and vertical orange breaks. Stems Hawthorn having a place with the rose family is a typical prickly bush which grows up to the tallness of 5 feet in radiant lush regions. The plant blossoms in May which develops in little white, pink or red groups.

Blossoms offer approach to little berries called haws which ends up red when ready. It has glossy leaves which develop in various shapes and sizes. Normal names of Hawthorn are: Haw, Whitethorn, May, Hawthorn, Single-seeded hawthorn, Common hawthorn, Mayblossom, Quickthorn, Maythorn, Motherdie, One-seeded hawthorn, Red hawthorn, Singleseed hawthorn, Quick-set Hawthorn, Midland Hawthorn, Smooth hawthorn, Woodland hawthorn, Oneseed Hawthorn, May bloom and Whitehorn.

Since first century, benefits of hawthorn berry is utilized for treating heart issues, respiratory ailments and circulatory issue. The organic products are utilized to cure hypertension, pulse, and solidifying of supply routes, chest torment and heart disappointment. Blossoms and leaves are additionally utilized for therapeutic purposes.

The research facility thinks about have demonstrated that Hawthorn has cancer prevention agents, for example, quercetin and oligomeric procyandins that takes out free radicals which harms cell layers and furthermore cause cell demise. Flavonoids help to advance blood stream, aid expansion of veins and avoid harm of veins. The blooms and leaves contain more flavonoids in contrast with berries.

Taste Flower: Sightly intense; Fruit: Sour

Hawthorn berry benefits lower chest torment, Cardiovascular wellbeing, Normalize circulatory strain, Promote invulnerability, Lowers nervousness.

Hawthorn Quick Facts

Name: Hawthorn

Scientific Name: Crataegus Monogyna

Origin Native to Northern mild zones of Asia, Europe and North America.

Colors Red, dark or yellow

Shapes Ovoid or globose, 1 cm long


Hawthorn plant bear sharp thistles of 1-1.5 m long. Leaves are profoundly lobed, obovate measures 2 to 4 cm long. The underneath of leaves are paler and upper surface is dull green. The bisexual blossoms have five white petals, single style, various red stamens and measures 1 cm in width. The fertilization happens because of honey bees, midges and different bugs. Blossoms transform into various haws which are a little and oval natural product typically dim red in shading.

These resemble berries estimating 1 cm long with single seed inside. Haws are framed from May to September. generally dull red in shading. Organic product resemble berries estimating 1 cm long with single seed inside. Haws are shaped from May to September.

Uses and benefits of Crataegus monogyna (hawthorn berry benefits)

hawthorn berry benefits

Hawthorn is utilized as a part of confections and drinks because of its sweet and tart flavor. Other than its culinary uses, it is utilized as a part of China and India for therapeutic uses as a stomach related guide and lift cardiovascular wellbeing. Hawthorn have various medical advantages including lower nervousness, control of pulse, advance processing, counteract heart, bring down chest torments, advance respiratory wellbeing, advance assimilation, treatment for intestinal contaminations, improve temperament and skin wellbeing and its appearance.

1Lower chest torment

Chest torment is otherwise called angina that is exceptionally difficult yet not generally demonstrate heart assault. Be that as it may, it is smarter to counsel the specialist since it may be a flag for cardiovascular issues. Hawthorn could bring down the chest torment and has been utilized as a part of conventional pharmaceutical for a great many years.

2Cardiovascular wellbeing

Hawthorn berry benefits has positive effect on heart wellbeing. It can bring down the odds of cardiovascular issues with an expansion in stamina, boosting vitality, bring down shortness of breath and furthermore kills weakness. These little natural products contain catechins, saponins, natural mixes and different cancer prevention agents that neutralize free radicals that influence heart wellbeing.

3Blood pressure

Hawthorn berry benefits standardizes the level of circulatory strain. The compound blend found in Hawthorn sets up solid circulatory strain in the framework and is valuable for hypertension and hypotension patients.


Cell reinforcements aid the end of destructive poisons in the body. Vitamin C advances the movement of white platelets to advance general wellbeing.

5Brings down nervousness

Hawthorn benefits is valuable for mental conditions, for example, nervousness, stress and dejection. It is powerful to enhance inclination. It vitally affects hormonal levels.

6Enhance insight

Hawthorn berry benefits aids the course of blood all through the body that prompts abnormal state of sharpness and vitality. The best possible oxygenation of all body parts enhances psychological abilities, rise vitality levels and digestion.

7Stomach related wellbeing

Hawthorn berry benefits has natural exacerbates that enhance supplement assimilation. It enhances stomach related process and wipes out the issues, for example, stoppage, cramping, swelling and different genuine conditions, for example, ulcers and colon disease.

8Hawthorn skin benefits

Cancer prevention agents found in Hawthorn benefits are valuable in treating bruises, consumes and skin break out if connected topically to the skin. It has calming aggravates that lower tingling on mending wounds and skin conditions, for example, psoriasis and dermatitis.

9Avert diseases

Alongside the upgrade of stomach related wellbeing, it advances the take-up of supplements and furthermore wipes out obstruction. It kills intestinal diseases, for example, tapeworms from the body.

Types of Hawthorn Berry

Different sorts of Hawthorn yield flavourful red berries and also clears out. The berries are cream-shaded with an immense stone in the middle. It has sweet flavour with unpalatable delayed flavour impression. Hawthorn berries are utilized for making jams.

1. Douglas Hawthorn

The Douglas Hawthorn is a hawthorn which spans to a stature of 30 feet. Like different hawthorns, the berries are utilized as a heart tonic. The berries are picked off from the tree and devoured crude or bubbled and furthermore used to make stick or sweet. The tree bear natural products in five to nine years.

2. Chinese Hawthorn

Chinese Hawthorn a natural products resembles a crab apple. The berries are utilized to make tidbits and Haw chips which is a dim pink sweet. The berries are utilized to frame sticks, jams and jelly. It is additionally used to make a mixed drink.

3. One-Seed Hawthorn

One-Seed Hawthorn is a wild hawthorn that produces white sprouts and red berries. It is a wellspring of sustenance for flying creatures. The berries are dried and ground and utilized as a substitute for espresso. It is utilized for heating and furthermore ingested as jams, jams and jelly. The leaves and berries are utilized as a treatment for coronary illness, advance memory and furthermore treats jungle fever.

4. Mexican Hawthorn

Mexican Hawthorn is local to the hilly areas of Mexico. The organic products are expended crude or cooked as stick. The berries are additionally used to make treat.

Uses of hawthorn berry

  • Hawthorn is utilized to treat ceaseless heart disappointment, unending cor pulmonale, arrhythmias and decrepit heart .
  • It is utilized for myocardial shortcoming, cardiovascular disappointment, hypertension, paroxysmal tachycardia, Buerger’s infection and arteriosclerosis.
  • Utilize the leaf and bloom of Hawthorn to bring down heart execution.
  • Hawthorn berry tea is utilized as a part of society medication as a treatment for hypertension, cardiotonic, arrhythmia and ischemia of heart.
  • Wealthy in flavonoids, it forestalls demolition of collagen in joins, diminish delicacy of vessels and brings down aggravation.
  • It successfully brings down the level of cholesterol.
  • In China, it is utilized for bringing down blood stasis and nourishment dormancy.
  • The helpful weakenings are successful for feeble heart deficiency, cardiovascular inadequacy, angina pectoris and dysrhythmia.
  • It is utilized for treating powerless heart muscles, aggravation and apprehensive heart issues.
  • The bark is utilized as a cure for fevers and intestinal sickness.
  • Roots are utilized to vitalize heart corridors.
  • It advances heart wellbeing, palpitations, shortness of breath and exercise resilience.

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