Uttanasana (उत्तानासन) originates from the Sanskrit words Uttanasana and which is mix of ‘ut+tan+asana’ in this ‘ut’ implies extraordinary and ‘tan’ means extend while ‘asana’ alludes to Posture. Uttanasana or Standing Forward Bend posture is a vital and basic extending yoga represent that contains an assortment of helpful preferences. In the Standing Forward Bend Yoga pose, your head hangs beneath the heart enabling new oxygen-rich blood to stream to your mind.

This revives and rejuvenates cells and gives the entire body a quick increase in oxygen. Despite the fact that this can be regularly considered as an essential yoga represent, it’s fundamental that the correct strategy is taken after to ensure that you just extend your hamstrings completely and don’t harm your back.

How to do Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend posture)


1. Take a standing position; keep your feet and shoulder separate separated and parallel to each other.

2. Press your feet down in to the ground and ground yourself effectively.

3. Presently inhale out and tenderly curve down from the hips (not the midriff) and place your chest and stomach on your thighs.

4. In the event that you are a learner, you should twist your knees marginally to finish this.

5. In the event that your knees are twisted, ensure that they’re straight finished your toes.

6. Gradually start to rectify your legs however watch that your chest and mid-region never leave your thighs.

7. Presently hoist your hips as you fix through your hamstring muscles all though squeezing your foot sole areas into the ground.

8. Once you’re feeling steady, cross your lower arms, get your elbows and hang your head down.

9. In case you’re sufficient adaptable, you’ll endeavor to convey your palms to the ground or hold your foot sole areas from behind.

10. Start by holding this stance for thirty seconds and well ordered work your approach to one moment at any given moment.

11. While holding this position, delicately breathe in and breathe out.

12. While take in, endeavor to lift and protract your middle with every exhalation, attempt to go further and more profound into the extend.

13. There another approach to build the extend is to move on to the bundles of your feet and lean somewhat forward. This extends the backs of your legs and grants you to convey the stance for expanded.

14. Try not to close your eyes all through this asana.

15. Attempt to hold this stance for 30 seconds.

16. Discharge this stance by setting your hands back on to your hips and with a full breath in (breathe in), expand your back and come up to the underlying position.

Benefits of Uttanasana (उत्तानासन)

  • It keeps up the elements of liver, kidneys and spleen.
  • Advantageous in adaptability of the hips.
  • Offers Strengths to the knees and spine too.
  • It enhances the procedure of blood flow.
  • Serves to enhances stance and arrangement.
  • Helpful for extending the leg muscles like calves and hamstrings.
  • Enhances the elements of endocrine and sensory system.
  • Aides in cell development.
  • Moves strain in the back, shoulder, and neck
  • Valuable for conditioning and actuating the muscles of the midriff.
  • Try not to attempt this asana if there should arise an occurrence of back damage, do this posture with your knees twisted.

Precautions of uttanasana

You can conjointly endeavour the Ardha Uttanasana as opposed to the Uttanasana on the off chance that you experience the ill effects of ceaseless back torment.

Stay away from this pose if there should be an occurrence of harmed legs, shoulders and hips.

Keep away from this asana completely on the off chance that you have as of late had back surgery, knee surgery or surgery to your hamstrings.

Continuously concern a yoga master before doing any yogic exercises.

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