Vaseline, as general a product it seems to the eyes, the more versatile this of petroleum jelly is. It has innumerable vaseline uses that range from eyes, make up, hair, nails, skin etc. Is a small box of wonder and you still haven’t got one in your beauty routine.

Petroleum jelly is a mixture of natural waxes and mineral oils that together lock moisture in skin, moisturizing it to repair and relieve dryness (1).

vaseline uses


If petroleum jelly is made of waxes and oils, what is Vaseline Jelly made of? The original ‘Wonder Jelly’ is made from 100 percent triple-purified petroleum jelly, while Vaseline Intensive Care Lotions contain micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly and other effective moisturizers that target natural moisture loss throughout the day (2).


Vaseline uses for beauty and other uses of Vaseline Petroleum jelly


Vaseline uses for softening Lips

Protecting dry, chapped lips is one of the simplest uses of Vaseline, and it’s especially effective in cold or dry weather. Applying a very small layer of Vaseline can help your lips retain moisture and keep them from drying out.


Vaseline for face as a facial moisturizer

The consistency of petroleum jelly for skin would naturally lead people to believe that shoveling it onto your face would leave you covered in spots, however this is not the case. Vaseline does not clog up pores, it is a non-comedogenic and can be used as an effective facial moisturizer. It doesn’t soak in very readily however and is best used as a night cream to avoid odd looks on the morning commute.


Hide split ends

If your hair looks totally fried, rub a little Vaseline through your ends. You can fake smooth ends until you get a haircut.

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Budget Shoe Shiner

Dab Vaseline onto leather shoes or even handbags and gently rub in to buff them up.


Hydrate Your Skin

Most of us know the importance of using a daily  moisturizer. Maximize the benefits of vaseline this daily ritual by using a product that seals in essential moisture where it’s needed. Vaseline Jelly locks in moisture deep within the stratum corneum (3), where dryness occurs, to replenish moisture and help heal dry skin. Apply Vaseline Jelly on the face, lips, or body to keep skin hydrated throughout the day.


Open stuck drawer

Apply Vaseline to prevent it from getting stuck, and the drawer will open smoothly.


Prevent Battery Corrosion

Disconnect car battery terminals, give them a clean with a wire brush and then reconnect and smear with Vaseline to create a barrier from the elements and stave of corrosion.Do this is as the weather starts to take a turn for the worse around the onset of Winter.


Make your perfume last longer

Rub a tiny amount of Vaseline onto the areas you normally spritz your fragrance, then apply your scent as usual. It adheres better to petroleum jelly than skin for greater longevity.


Vaseline uses for dry heels

Summer sandals plus the sun and sand can make the skin on your feet super dry and flakey. Spread Vaseline on your feet before you go to bed, and cover with fuzzy socks. You’ll wake up with soft skin that will look and feel like you got a pedicure.


Body Scrub

Just add some sea salt to petroleum jelly and you have yourself a homemade body scrub. Use it to scrub it over your body and your skin will feel silky smooth and visibly glowing.


Get thicker-looking lashes

You don’t even need mascara to get lush lashes. Apply a little Vaseline to your lash line for a shiny, voluminous look.


Make-Up Remover

Dip cotton buds/Q-tips into Vaseline and gently remove make-up from your eyes, the residue that is left around your eyes will aid the remnants of make-up in coming off when you wash your face the following morning.


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