A woman’s high heel shoes have been friends for centuries. It seems they are long and thin, increases their confidence. A kind of high heel shoes, wearing heels is the best style.

wearing heels


The advantages of high heels (Advantages of Wearing Heels)

Enhances the beauty of women from wearing heels. It also helps to increase the length. Women wearing heels are smart and comfortable feel. It is considerable in women’s tricks. Improves heel body postures and enhances women’s confidence. It is believed that the long, shapely legs wearing heels takes. A favorite with heels with clothing, such as conical heel commercial clothes seem pretty good, pencil heels and mini tunics and wide trousers with a great start and platform heels that fit neatly with plenty of jeans.

Heel wear damage (Disadvantages of Wearing Heels)

There are many disadvantages of wearing heels. Women tend to experience pain in the feet by wearing heels, because the whole weight of his body on the feet while walking does. Women who are not used to heels, they wear high heels to walk that much trouble. Having trouble walking and balance is upset, there is a possibility of falling while walking. This is also the problem of back pain. This fall in the ankles yellow spots which later become stringent. Continued heels foot in the future are likely to be serious problems.

Save your Sole! 5 Things you could buy that will prevent High-Heel Pain

Anti Perspirant spray

Even if you do not have foot odor, the slightest moisture from the air in your leather sandals can hurt the skin cut. Keep them healthy and beautiful legs by Deodorant.

Blister blocks

Band Aid Blister Block comes easily in your purse. This effect is very useful and feet of those places where blisters are the most likely. But it’s just avoid the problem is a product of. If you kept nagging problems of severe blisters, you use other products.

Gel inserts

Gel inserts in your shoes not only look good enough, long enough without you experiencing pain in the legs can be used.

Foot Cushions

Foot cushions also prove the best option. Whether it’s just your fingers, feet or ankles to sole even if they actually seem interiors of shoes. Foot Petals employed in the fashion world, which was invented by a very experienced woman was upset by being in sore heels.

Foldable Ballet Flats

The product is easy to fall into your purse and on the way home after work or spend time outside, by night are free from suffering.

5 Tips to wear heels without feeling the pain

Are you among them are like to wear heels, then, but after wearing it for a while you are quite tired. Down with your heels and have some tips to not experience pain.

  1. Wear shoes with soft inner soles.
  2. Wear high heels only when you do not walk much.
  3. Wear high heels on the working environment or special celebrations. The best time to wear high heels, they’re the birthday celebration,Church etc.
  4. The ankles and toes touch the ground at the same time, should not. Try to walk as you wear flat shoes. As a step up, first place your heel on the floor and then the back of the legs or feet touch the ground and has fingers.
  5. Be confident. Once engaged Apo has confidence in you, and then slowly start to dance. This will move your feet inside the shoes comfortable and you will be more in control and comfortable posture. Buy new heels is the best place to practice wearing them at Super Market, because this place Shopping Cart that can move on.

Tips to take care of the feet on wearing heels

High heels for a short time and only occasionally wear. However you wear heels to protect themselves from the damage to the legs below you can follow the prescriptions.

  • In the best of your feet come only wear high-heeled shoe. The high heels legs fitted are not part of their front legs forward consequently becomes so much pressure and pain on the fingers of the feet increases.
  • You know the type of your feet before wearing heels is quite necessary. It arch as you get the right size for yourself will help you in buying the right shoe.
  • Thick heel and the foot control is obtained by dividing the weight equal to the pressure reduces. With the known length of heels Achilles tendon is easy to reduce the possibility of problems.
  • All Soles Avoid wearing thin in the lower part of the legs because they are quite painful. Platform Heels are a better option.
  • Remove heels and ankles and fingers for some time dragging yourself comfortable.
  • Stretching of some feet such as the strap with the help of fingers up and down the benefit reaches the calf muscles.
  • In the upper part of the legs in the shoes is more work, they prove to be more comfortable. Some high-heeled shoes you can wear all day with no problems. Summer sandals worn proves quite comfortable for your feet.
  • Put the silicon pads to make comfortable the shoes (silicone metatarsal pads) helps absorb shocks to enter. The pads under the feet of these is called rounding. These are oval pads under the feet of those who go to rounding. It keeps your legs and fingers to control the currency problem, get rid of pimples or abscesses friction.
  • The right type of walking shoes with heels to go on wearing comfort can be obtained. Under this kind of walking posture, keep your head and spine straight is quite necessary. Take small steps and walk currency bounce should be utilized like. Wearing heels walking posture will change and control the body’s center of gravity will change.



Information pertaining to the suffering of your heels (Foot Care after Wearing High Heels)

If you wear the shoes that are tight or change the natural shape of your feet, according to the doctors, there is certainly the problem of pain in the legs.

If your shoes with high heels and tight, too tight or if the pain is severe enough that the doctors may well have turned.

One of the most common problems Gokruon pain and irritation. The toes of the feet to the size of the bones of the legs that worsen the protrusion.

Bunion problem does not occur with high heels, but there is deteriorating. The height of the heel and the tip of the shoe play a crucial role.

According to doctors, women suffer from bunions toe joint is a separate bone, which severely affects the posture of walking legs. In such a situation, if you run it in high heels leg bones considerable stress and the pain of bunions and becomes serious.

  • Yoga, stretching and exercise the legs and ankles of the legs, blood circulation is good. It increases good blood circulation, stress fractures and muscle decreases the chances of the problem.
  • High heel shoes off the feet, soak in Epsom salt water. This will open the blood vessels and the skin of the leg will heal quickly.
  • Stiffness in the legs to prevent them from coming lavender massage oil or other essential oils.

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