Wheatgrass comes from the wheat family and is a cultivar of young grass that is harvested before wheat seeds would begin to come into existence. The consumption of wheat grass dates back to thousands of years with evidence supporting its usage by ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations for wheatgrass health benefits.

wheatgrass health benefits

It is the best source of living chlorophyll, an essential compound for blood; and also contains lots of minerals, proteins, and 19 amino acids. It does all the magic in keeping you healthy when you drink a glass of wheat grass juice daily in the morning for wheatgrass health benefits.


Ways to use wheatgrass


  • As a body cleanser
  • As a tooth aid
  • As a pain killer
  • As a deodorant
  • As an antiseptic
  • As an acne and scar remover
  • As a throat reliever


Wheatgrass health benefits

 Improve Digestion

From irritable bowel syndrome to ulcers, wheatgrass is a great tool to improving digestion. Wheat grass even goes as far as cleaning your bowels of impacted matter and mucous.


Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetic can have a glass of wheatgrass juice daily as it helps in stabilizing the levels of the blood sugar. Wheatgrass health benefits in improving your lipid and glucose levels. It is a boon for diabetics to manage their blood sugar levels.



Drinking the juice of wheatgrass can also help in cleansing and detoxifying the body. The lymph nodes are drained of all their toxins and the mucus in the body can be broken up and eliminated, thus wheatgrass eliminating the nausea.


Reduces Fatigue

Drinking a small glass of this healthy green wheatgrass juice will boost the supply of oxygen to the cells, tissues etc. thereby assisting in cell regeneration and wheatgrass benefits to healing the body.


Protects from Tooth Decay

Use wheatgrass juice to swish around the mouth for getting rid of the bacteria and toxins. This process can also re-mineralize your teeth and prevent tooth decay.


Clear Sinus Congestion

Consuming wheatgrass or snorting wheatgrass juice through the nose helps to clear the sinuses by pulling toxins and breaking up mucus.


Lowers Blood Pressure

The consumption of wheatgrass benefits to lowers the blood pressure because the count of red blood cells is increased.


Useful in Anaemia

The molecular structure of chlorophyll contained in wheatgrass is similar to that of haemoglobin in human blood. The high levels of chlorophyll found in wheatgrass powder can be easily absorbed by your body and increase the production of blood and haemoglobin towards normal levels and hence helpful in curing anaemia nice wheatgrass health benefits.

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Improve Immunity

Wheatgrass has exhibited the ability to increase red blood cells in the body, which is why it is so effective in staving off disease and boosting immunity.


Restores pH Balance

Being an alkaline food supplement, wheatgrass powder balances the body’s pH. Thus, it is beneficial in reducing acidity levels in the blood and restores its alkalinity.


Cleanses the Liver

Wheatgrass is probably best known for its effects on the liver. The liver processes what the body ingests, and with its detoxifying properties, nutrients, and enzymes, wheatgrass is able to restore and revitalize the liver.


Fight Depression

Wheatgrass helps to keep your iron levels stable, which is particularly important for women. Iron deficiency is linked to apathy and depression.


Weight Loss

Wheatgrass juice encourages weight loss, since it is rich in fiber content. It also provides the body with so much energy that the excess fat caused by an improper diet comprised of junk food is burnt out, resulting in weight loss.


Relief from Pain and Inflammation

Wheatgrass lowers and eliminates general inflammation. Thus, it is very beneficial in providing relief from common body aches and pains and restores the body’s ability to thrive and stay healthy very important wheatgrass health benefits.


Benefits of wheatgrass for skin

 Slow Down Ageing

Wheatgrass is brimming with antioxidants, which help to neutralize free radicals in the body. Free radicals are essential what age us, from head to toe and from inside to out. Antioxidants help us to slow down the ageing process and reveal a more youthful vitality in our appearance and mood.


Skin Revitalizing

Wheatgrass juice has the ability to regenerate skin cells and helps improve skin complexion. Drinking a glass of wheatgrass juice daily or applying it on the skin can help prevent acne, eczema etc.

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Treat sunburn

Wheatgrass accelerate the healing process of burnt skin. Dab wheatgrass juice benefits to the skin with a cotton ball and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing and patting dry with a towel.


Benefits of wheatgrass for hair

Get Rid of Dandruff

Dandruff thrives on a dry, unhealthy scalp, and topical application of wheatgrass juice can help to balance the pH of your scalp and ultimately repair it.


Reduces Grey Hair

Wheatgrass powder is effective in restoring the grey hair back to its natural color. Greying of hair can be prevented by rinsing your hair with this powder




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