Why you should love coconut

Coconut is being used in the world for many years, It is an important fruit used in a variety of items such as cosmetics, soap and other food products. Despite the many benefits of coconut, many health experts do not possess good opinions about it and they use to spread illusions among people, the result of the dissemination done by health experts is that such a superfood is still underrated among all.

It has always been on the radar of health professional just because of its high amount of saturated fat. And due to their half-baked knowledge and evil propaganda, coconut loosed its glory among health-conscious people. People started avoiding it and ignored all of its benefits.

Today in this article I will help you to understand that coconut is a superfood and must be consumed regularly. I will also try to change some common misconception about the coconut around the globe with some uses of coconut.

Some interesting facts about coconut

uses of coconut

Coconut has been known to give body endless stamina and mind, sense of calmness!. The whole credit goes to its Magical MEDIUM CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES (MCT), a fat similar to mother’s milk.

Hold on! Don’t get overwhelmed by reading TRIGLYCERIDE, it’s not that bad one! MCT is a whole different thing.

MCT Molecules are much smaller than large fatty acid molecules. That you use to get in digestive biscuits or so-called health cookies. This MCT breaks down in our body differently. The process of breaking down MCT in the liver is different and faster than any other fats breaking up the process. That’s why it is also known to give instant stamina to the body. MCT is also a preferred nutritional supplement among sports person.

MCT also plays important role in forming the myelin sheath around the nerves, which is a part of myelination.

Myelination is a process where every axon of neuron gets coated with myelin fat. Which ultimately helps neuron to send signals to our mind more efficiently, you can say that MCT also plays important role in “decision-making skills” of a human being.

Some common misconception:


No, the true fact is THE MCT in coconut actually helps in cutting down cholesterol. Since coconut is a plant food, it doesn’t contain cholesterol. Actually, you need a liver!


Coconut is known to reduce the central adiposity thereby reducing the risk of obesity-related disease. The MCT helps in burning more calories. It’s not like longer chain fats. Secondly, coconut contains LAURIC ACID and another fatty acid which keeps you full for a longer time so you are unlikely to consume bad calorie at any meal, coconut improves satiety.


Coconut contains fat and we all know that adding fat to your high glycemic index food reduces the glycemic index of your prepared meal. It’s not only safe but also recommended that diabetic should eat foods low in glycemic index.


Saturated fat of coconut belongs to a very special fatty acid named lauric acid. Lauric acid has been proved beneficial in maintaining a good health of hearts. Not only that, it also helps in losing some extra pounds.

Some common uses of coconut

Coconut water provides better hydration than any other beverages including sports drink. Consuming coconut water regularly helps in glowing skin

Tender Coconut: Helps in making skin fairer and beautiful coconut water also helps in lowering the pigmentation of skin helps in strengthening intestine and it is especially useful in chronic constipation and chronic disease it also helps in ulcerative colitis.

ANTI AGINGSome special ingredients like cytokinins, kinetin and trans-zeatin are also present in coconut which is known to have anti-aging property. that way coconut also helps in anti-aging

SOFT SKIN: Many people use coconut oil on their skin to reduce dryness and flakiness it keeps their skin moisturized and supple coconut oil have the property to repair the damaged skin which it has acquired over time it helps in curing neurosis which means dry rough and flaky skin.

REMOVES OIL: Coconut water can also be used to treat oily skin, when coconut water is applied on the skin, it removes excess oil from the skin, and keeps the skin tone more even, coconut water is said to have a great impact on acne, black spots, and blemishes.

BONUS TIP: You can make a quick face pack from coconut water, you just have to mix half a teaspoon of turmeric, half teaspoon of sandalwood powder and coconut water apply it on the face five times in a week to get clear and beautiful skin.

Our article ends here and I hope you like this article and at the same time I also hope that your perception of coconut must have changed.


PRASHANT KUMAR is a FITNESS COACH and a Health blogger. He has a passion for natural aesthetics and Ayurveda. PRASHANT has been practicing yoga from years and is teaching the same. HE is founder of HEALTH PRODUCT INFO.


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