Red banana is an assortment of bananas having rosy purple skin. In Australia, these bananas are otherwise called red Dacca bananas. They have comparable dietary value and rich in potassium, as yellow bananas have. Benefits of red banana are having comparable nutritious facts as yellow bananas have, however the distinction is about the carotene and vitamin C content.

Red Bananas are rich in carotene and vitamin C when contrasted with yellow banana. It is because of the red shade of banana. Be that as it may, the red banana peel has more carotene content than its tissue (1).

Glimpse of some wonderful benefits of red banana

benefits of red banana


Red bananas are most loved natural products in the Central America because of its taste, as they are sweeter than bananas and have raspberry enhance. Red bananas have comparable medical advantages as yellow bananas have. You can incorporate red bananas in your day by day eating regimen to keep your stomach related framework solid and to get a legitimate nourishment.

Weight reduction

Red bananas are low in calories and low in glycemic record, so they are best natural products that you can incorporate into your weight reduction slim down arrangement.

They likewise feel you full guts and no hunger for a few hours without giving you more calories. In this manner, you can defeat sustenance yearnings and control your craving. They are best organic products for weight reduction and they give a decent nourishment as well.

Obstruction, Digestive wellbeing

One medium red banana can give you around 3 to 4 grams of dietary fiber, which keeps your stomach related wellbeing impeccable and helps in clogging as well. A solitary banana can give you around 15% of every day fiber needs.

Heart illnesses

Because of the fiber and potassium content, red banana helps in diminishing the dangers of heart disorder and other metabolic infections including diabetes.

A medium red banana gives around 400 mg of potassium, which is equivalent to 11% of day by day necessity of potassium. You require potassium for heart wellbeing, as it keeps up the electrolyte and liquids adjust in the body. What’s more, potassium assumes a crucial part in heart muscle capacities. It is required for heart compression that pulls the blood to the different parts of the body.

Potassium rich nourishments likewise bring down circulatory strain, so you can likewise get profits by red banana in hypertension.


Red bananas are a decent wellspring of iron and Vitamin B6. These supplements are basic to enhance red platelet and making hemoglobin. 100 grams of red banana mash gives 0.4 mg vitamin B6 and 0.3 mg press.

Increase immunity

Red bananas are rich in vitamin C. A medium banana contains around 10 mg vitamin C, which is equivalent to 17% of day by day estimation of vitamin C.

Likewise, benefits of red banana contains a brilliant substance, which helps in boosting insusceptibility and forestalling growth.

Red bananas are rich in cell antioxidants and fights off free radicals, which additionally lessen the dangers of malignancy and heart infections.

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