Yogurt known as “Dahi” in hindi is a food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. The bacteria used to make yogurt are known as “yogurt cultures”. Fermentation of lactose by these bacteria produces lactic acid, which acts on milk protein to give yogurt its texture and characteristic tang. Cow’s milk is commonly available worldwide, and, as such, is the milk most commonly used to make yogurt. Milk from water buffalo, goats, ewes, mares, camels, and yaks is also used to produce yogurt where available locally. Here are amazing yogurt health benefits.yogurt,Yogurt health benefits

To produce yogurt, milk is first heated, usually to about 85 °C (185 °F), to denature the milk proteins so that they set together rather than form curds. After heating, the milk is allowed to cool to about 45 °C (113 °F). The bacterial culture is mixed in, and a temperature of 45 °C (113 °F) is maintained for four to seven hours to allow fermentation.

Yogurt is nutritionally rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. Lactose-intolerant individuals may tolerate yogurt better than other dairy products due to the conversion of lactose to the sugars glucose and galactose, and the fermentation of lactose to lactic acid carried out by the bacteria present in the yogurt.

Yogurt health benefits

Bone Health

Calcium is essential for maintaining the good condition of our bones. Yogurt contains all the essential minerals, including calcium, that are present in milk, but is also much easier to digest. It is also good for patients suffering from osteoporosis and rheumatism. Yogurt is a boon for many people who suffer with being lactose intolerant.


Lowers Hypertension

The regular intake of dairy products has been shown to lower hypertension. However, due to the presence of high fat content, excessive consumption is not advisable. Yogurt health benefits, combines a low-fat dairy option with the benefits of a normal dairy option.

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Source of Essential Minerals

Yogurt is rich in potassium and magnesium. Potassium is essential for nerve health and maintains the fluid balance in the body. Magnesium is just as essential for bone health as calcium.


Boosts Immunity

The pro-biotic strains of bacteria present in yogurt boost the immune system and reduce the incidence of infections, inflammatory diseases, and allergies.


Abundance of Vitamins

Yogurt contains abundant levels of vitamin B2 and B12. Vitamin B2 is essential for healthy nerves, eyes, and skin. Vitamin B12 is essential for maintaining bone health and its deficiency leads to anemia. Yogurt also contains healthy amounts of vitamin D and E. Vitamin D is essential for skeletal health and vitamin E aids in maintaining healthy skin, as well as reproductive health.

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Reduces Serum Cholesterol

There is a indication of a drop in serum LDL cholesterol levels when a person regularly consumes yogurt. Thus, daily consumption may lead to a reduction in cardiovascular diseases.



Intake of yogurt may also provide relief to those suffering from colon cancer. A diet rich in dairy products may slightly extend lives of people diagnosed with colon cancer.


Boosts Gastrointestinal Health

Yogurt can be used as a milk substitute for lactose intolerant individuals who cannot digest milk and would normally lose out on its yogurt health benefits. Due to the presence of active bacterial strains in yogurt, it is easily digestible. In fact, the “pro-biotic” components of yogurt, produced by the lactic acid bacteria present in it, aid in alleviating constipation, diarrhea, colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease.


Skin benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt Fights Acne

Yogurt is considered to be an effective home remedy for fighting acne. Using plain yogurt on a regular basis can help you get rid of pimples.

For this dip a cotton balls in the yogurt and apply it over the affected areas. Once you use a cotton ball on an acne, dispose it. Don’t use it for application over another area. This may cause your acne to spread.

Keep it overnight and wash your face with cold water in the morning.

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Reduces Dark Circles

Yogurt helps reduce dark circles because it has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces puffiness. For this dip the cotton balls in the yogurt. Gently dab it under your eyes. Keep it on for 10 minutes and rinse.


Moisturizes Skin

When yogurt is applied topically, it increases the moisture content of the treated area. This makes skin more elastic, and improves brightness. For this add 4 tbsp yogurt, 1 tbsp cocoa, 1 tsp honey to a bowl, and mix till the consistency is more or less even. Apply the mask to your face and neck, and keep it on for 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water and pat your skin dry.


Soothes Sunburns

Sunburns are caused by the UV rays of the sun. It damages the skin, resulting in redness and sometimes, blisters. Applying yogurt to sunburned areas cools it down. This is because it is rich in zinc and has anti-inflammatory properties.

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Hair benefits of Yogurt

Conditions Hair

Yogurt has moisturizing properties, it helps repair dry and damaged hair. It leaves your hair conditioned and makes it more manageable. For this combine 4 tbsp yogurt, 2 tbsp aloe vera gel, 2 tbsp coconut oil in a bowl.

Apply the hair pack to your strands, and let it stay for an hour. Rinse thoroughly using a mild shampoo.

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Treats Dandruff

One of the main causes of dandruff is fungus. A fungal infection can make the scalp produce flaky skin. Yogurt, which is a natural anti-fungal, yogurt benefits to removes all signs of dandruff. Massage the yogurt into your scalp.

Let it rest for 20 minutes, and rinse with a mild shampoo.


Ways to have Yogurt in diet (yogurt recipe)

Yogurt Kebab (Dahi ke Kebab recipe)

Yogurt kebab

Ingredients :

400 gms yogurt

100 gms paneer

2 tsp chopped onion

1 tsp chopped ginger

Half a handful of chopped fresh coriander

10 finely chopped almonds

7 to 8 chopped raisins

1/2 tsp white pepper powder

1/2 a tsp green cardamom powder

salt to taste

Oil to grill

Cornflour to dust

A cup of ready to eat oats

Method :

  • Hang yogurt overnight in a muslin cloth.
  • Saute the onion and ginger in minimum oil till the onions turn translucent. Keep aside to cool.
  • Take the yoghurt in a bowl. Add crumbled cottage cheese, chopped raisins, coriander, almonds, and the onion mixture. Add the white pepper powder, cardamom powder and salt.
  • Now make round patties with this gooey mix and pat a bit of cornflour on the outside, after giving them a shape.
  • Crush the oats to resemble breadcrumbs and dredge the patties in this oat powder.
  • Grease a pan with olive oil, and grill these on a medium hot skillet, till they turn brown.
  • Serve hot with yogurt health benefits chutney.

Shrikhand recipe


Ingredients :

1 kg thick curds (dahi)

3/4 cup powdered sugar

a few saffron strands

1 tbsp warm milk

2 tsp cardamom powder

For the garnish

pistachio slivers

almond slivers

Method :

  • Hang the curds in a muslin cloth in a cool place for approximately 3 hours until all the liquid (whey) has drained off .
  • Rub the saffron into the warm milk until it dissolves.
  • Mix together the hung curds, sugar, saffron mixture and cardamom in a bowl and churn using a hand blender.
  • Serve garnished with slivers of pistachicos and almonds. attain yogurt health benefits with this.


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