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We are an online platform to cure and improve your health through natural ways. We aim at “Healthy India Healthy World” and provide information on various natural products and a detailed procedure of how to make something out of them. What’s the site all about? These posts on this site are all about three simple terms, i.e. “What”, “How” and “In what Manner”. What will explain you, what is beneficial for health among the nearby things. How will explain, how that will be beneficial for health. This will be explained with the help of scientific facts associated with it. In What Manner will explain you the process or procedure to include that particular thing in your routine life, so that a continuous and long term benefit can be felt.

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Co-Founder, Editor In Chief, CEO

Taruna is a supervisor and nutrition instructor. Ever the admirer of the composed word, she served on the publication sheets of her school and school pamphlets. Composing articles on beauty, hair care, and sustenance helped her join her affection for perusing, composing, and research. As a partner manager, she encourages her colleagues convey cleaned and carefully looked into substance..

Pankaj Kumar Singh

Programmer, CTO

Passionate for coding, I enjoy designing complex systems that are easy to use. I'm the one who makes sure the code is clean, the development is on the right track, the team efficiency is high and the customers are happy. Hiking, running and strategy games, I like them all. Spending most of the time playing with scripts and codes, I develop and test new features. Between tasks I’m delighted to go back to my first love - Health niche - and give a helping hand, Here by.

Abhay Pratap Singh

Co-Founder (Editor)

I have passion to know natural ways of Healing and I follow Ayurveda which is traditional form of exercise for whole body. I love trekking and gone several tough trail. Verymuch adhere to causes and concerns related to health issues Here we are trying to cover various natural ways to be Healthy. And recipes as well ,being from such field i can't leave nutrition. I promote natural ways here AT healthlogus - Heal-Health-Optimize(H2O)

Archana Singh


She has been writing for over four years on a myriad of topics related to health and wellness nutrition, yoga. Her work involves extensive research on natural foods and organic supplements. Her main focus is to understand the nutritional profile of everyday foods and how one can use them to improve their health and overall lifestyle.