You switched or want to switch to electronic cigarettes. According to the Health Department, you will reduce the risks typically associated with smoking by around 95%.

If the composition of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes is well known and relatively well mastered by manufacturers around the world, there are still uncertainties as to the flavors used in the recipes. Indeed these food-grade flavors are commonly used in industrial food, but their use in the context of vaporization for inhalation still raises many questions.

To better optimize for the benefit of your health, you will need to use your electronic cigarette correctly and choose good e-liquids that are manufactured according to the rules with no harmful ingredient along with that Which Vape Juice Ingredients to Avoid.

Some Of The Avoided Ingredient Of E-liquid


Diacetyl is considered one of the most harmful chemicals. If you are fond of gourmet e-liquids, then you have certainly heard of diacetyl. It is a molecule found naturally in milk products such as cream, butter, or milk. It comes from the fermentation carried out from lactic acid bacteria used in the food industry. This substance has a noticeable smell and taste of butter or cheese.

While diacetyl is safe for the body when ingested, it’s not always the case, especially when inhaled. In very high doses, it can trigger bronchiolitis obliterans, an inflammation of the lungs’ small bronchi. This can lead to a reduction in the diameter of the bronchiole and, therefore, an obstructive syndrome.

Some e-liquids often use diacetyl to bring a buttery taste to e-liquids. This type of ingredient is a potentially harmful source for the body if exposure and duration exceed certain levels.

Obstructive syndrome disease was first observed in workers at a popcorn factory in Jasper, Missouri, United States. In constant contact with diacetyl-saturated air, workers exhibited various symptoms such as a dry or oily cough and wheezing during breathing.

Fragrance Oils

This interaction, Maillard’sMaillard’s reaction, occurs from a certain temperature (between 0 and 150 ° C) between amino acids and sugars present in food produces complex chemical mechanisms that are not good.

This Maillard reaction can be easily seen with the eye when your resistance, for example, becomes dirty. It also brings all the rich taste of cooked food, but in the field of vaping, the appreciation could well be different.

Very sweet e-liquids, greedy or imitating the taste of tobacco, are known to clog the resistors quickly. Additives or flavor enhancers like sucralose, vanillin, glutamate, malic acid, etc., which may be present in certain industrial e-liquids or as elements sold separately in the trade for the practice of DIY, could also reinforce this Maillard reaction and thus complicate the general composition of an e-liquid.

Vaping is still within reach of everyone and unknowingly, you can use those bad things. You can vape juice in a more secure way. So from our experience, you can establish those certain principles.

Fewer aromas, less risk

When these flavors are heated, they can produce aldehydes, volatile organic compounds resulting from thermal degradation. The presence of aldehydes in e-cigarette vapor is nothing new. The levels generally observed remain below the maximum exposure standards granted to workplaces. In addition, there are thousands of compounds dangerous to health in tobacco smoke against a few in vapor and in very low concentrations. 

On the other hand, studies on electronic cigarettes are starting to identify certain easily controllable factors in the composition of e-liquids in order to minimize further the risk associated with the practice of vaping in the face of tobacco, and the selective choice of aromas is one of them.

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