Getting healthy is a daunting task and with bad knees, it can seem nearly impossible to do any cardio at all. Generally, women have more problems with their knees than men. Here are amazing cardio exercises for bad knees (1).

Cardio exercises are important in any fitness regimen. They help effectively, to pump oxygen, proper blood circulation and promotes a healthy lifestyle (2). But someone with knee joint pain might be hindered from doing most of these exercises, due to achy joints and badly hurting knees and ankles that would make some exercises extremely difficult to do.

You can try out specially designed cardio exercises for bad knees that increase your endurance so that even during an ankle or knee injury, you can continue with the workout session.

Apart from home remedies for knee pain, these workouts help you to develop core strength, build muscle and shape as well as sculpt your body the way you have always wanted.

Low impact cardio exercises for bad knees

cardio exercises for bad knees


Not only does swimming burn an incredible amount of calories, but it offers a wide variety of options to get your heart pumping in the water. When it is about knees this low impact cardio workouts for bad knees is fine. There are known health benefits of swimming to lose weight.

2Speed walking

Your bad knees will not allow you to run or jog like every other person, but you can still maintain the walk. Walking, although sometimes underestimated in fitness, is a low impact cardio exercise that works on most of the body muscles; can also be regarded as a full muscle workout. For a beginner, start with smooth and flat surfaces, and as time goes by, your muscles become strengthened and you are able to walk better and even on surfaces that are not plane or smooth. One of important and best cardio exercises for bad knees.

3Upper Body Ergometer

An upper body ergometer is really just like a bicycle for your arms and many gyms and physical therapy clinics have them. You sit in front of it and cycle the pedals with your hands to get your heart rate up. This puts no pressure on the knees it is, so this is a good choice if you have a severe injury or you’re recovering from surgery. You can also use “Knee scooter” for a bad knee.


An elliptical is a low-impact form of cardio that mimics running; it can work for a lot of people with knee or ankle issues (but check with your doc first, just to be safe). The motion that we make while powering through an elliptical workout uses a combination of both arms and legs for power, but it won’t strain your lower joints.

5Rock Climbing

Whether you find a nearby rock-climbing center or decide to give it a try outside (under supervision), this activity uses plenty of arm and leg strength and power, but your knees and ankles won’t take a beating from it. It also helps to burn lots of calories.

6Scissors kick

Scissors kick works on the abs, hip flexors, and thighs. To do this, start by lying in a supine position (on your back). Put your legs together, and place your arms straight by your sides; ensure your forearms are also firm to the ground. Still in the position, lift your legs about 6-inches, and your shoulders about 1-inch. Now, spread both legs apart, and bring them back together, then cross one leg over the other.

Keep repeating this, till you have done about 50 reps or more, and ensure your legs and shoulders are off the ground while you do it.

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