Karaya Gum (Sterculia Gum) is an exudate of sterculia trees and it is included corrosive polysaccharide sugars, for example, galactose, galacturonic corrosive and rhamnose. Gum karaya is a one kind of restorative cure, which is delivered by a tree of family sterculia in the India.

It generally found in eastern and Western Ghats, Himalaya backwoods and west and focal piece of the India, for example, in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and so on. It is likewise accessible in Australia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sudan, Vietnam, and so forth. It is effectively accessible consistently. Around 3000 to 4000 tons of gum karaya are created each year in India. Artificially, it is one sort of polysaccharide complex, which is shaped by magnesium and calcium salt.


Its plant measure is medium around 15 meters. Shade of blossoms is in various assortments, for example, greenish and yellow. Its shape resembles ‘sap’. It resembles vegetable gum. It is the most widely recognized well known result of the timberlands.

You can identify Karaya Gum in specific nourishments meant by E416 number. The Gum Karaya is utilized as emulsifier and stabilizer in specific sustenances. It is additionally a thickener specialist.

Medical advantages and uses of gum karaya

It is one of the old kinds of regular gum otherwise called sterculia. It has been utilized as a part of customary drugs since 5000 years.

Gum Karaya has following medical advantages and uses:


It is best utilized as intestinal medicines. Its trademark makes this extremely mainstream item. It shapes an adhesive gel when it gets in contact with water.

Our body does not process and retain Gum Karaya Granules. It swells in the digestive tract, influences it to widen, and functions as diuretic.

So it is generally utilized as a part of treat ceaseless blockage.

2Dental inserts

Here and there it is likewise utilized as a cement for dental inserts. It is additionally utilized as the base of salicylic patches.

3Sore throat

Gum karaya has some antibacterial and calming qualities by which it is a compelling cure in sore throat. Because of this reason, it is additionally utilized as principle elements for capsules for the treatment of sore throat.

4High glucose (Diabetes)

It likewise keeps up ordinary blood sugars. Numerous hostile to diabetic meds contain Gum karaya.

5Plasma Lipid levels

A few investigations recommended that Karaya Gum diminishes the plasma lipid levels and valuable for individuals experiencing elevated cholesterol and high triglyceride levels.


It is additionally utilized as a part of glue mortars after surgery or to relieve the skin or to delicate skin.

7Wounds and bed bruises

It additionally utilized as a part of the treatment of wounds and bruises. It works by expanding the granulation and enhance recuperating even in safe or interminable bedsores.

In wound and bruises, gum karaya is utilized as a part of powder frame. It advances great epidermal development in bedsores.

Uses of Karaya Gum

  • It is additionally utilized as a part of making of restorative jams and glues. Support and dairy businesses are generally utilized gum karaya for dressing and authoritative.
  • Karaya gum is utilized as a part of the generation of cements for ileostomy and colostomy.
  • It is additionally utilized as a part of hair dressing planning creams as corrective reason.
  • It is additionally utilized as a part of various kind of medication conveyance frameworks.
  • It is additionally utilized as a part of making paper sheets since it has mash fastener properties, which help to cling long filaments to each other. It additionally gives smoothening impact and fortifying of powerless or thin paper.

Disadvantages and side effects of gum karaya

  • Obstructs digestive tract.
  • Admission of gum karaya here and there limits the digestive system and produces other restorative intricacies. A man should drink heaps of water with gum karaya admission.
  • Reduce absorption of other medicines.
  • Another complexity is that it decreases the viability of other drug.
  • Gum karaya produces adhesive, which confines the digestive tract and lessens the assimilation of the medication.

In this way, in the event that you need to take another prescription, devour gum karaya following one hour of medication consumption.

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