Magnolia Bark benefits helps in maintaining oral hygiene, obtaining clearer skin, fighting inflammation, preventing cancer growth, relieving canal issues and preventing Alzheimer’s illness.

What is Magnolia Bark?

The magnolia tree is the image of life in Chinese lore, with its roots penetrating deep into the planet and branches extending resolute the sky. The tree connects and unites the energies of heaven and earth. Magnolia has been cultivated in Buddhist monasteries for 600 years. They were thus valued once that solely the emperors closely-held them in ancient China. Its bark and flowers are utilized in ancient Asian drugs since a hundred A.D.

Most data regarding the uses of magnolia bark comes from Chinese and Japanese literature, though clinical studies and trials are restricted. The dried bark is steamed and rolled, than hold on. The bark is then either created into a powder, or its ingredients are extracted. Nearly a hundred Chinese medicines supported magnolia bark extract are proprietary. The 2 major healing ingredients it contains are honokiol and magnolol.

Magnolia Bark benefits (Magnolia officinalis)

Magnolia officinalis, Magnolia Bark benefits

1Maintaining Oral Hygiene

Bad breath could be a major embarrassment-causing issue. If the problem is persistent, Magnolia bark extract is your friend. If utilized in dentifrice and manduction gums, it not solely covers unhealthy breath however reduces microorganism.

It’s conjointly useful in preventing cavity and dental caries and protects your gums and teeth. The newest analysis from a someone in Illinois reports that at intervals half-hour of application of magnolia bark or manduction a magnolia bark gum, most oral microorganism die.

2Clearer Skin

A study allotted on a bunch of thirty folks showed honokiol, and magnolol effectively killed microorganism inflicting skin problem while not harming human skin. It’s utilized in day and night creams to safeguard your skin and conjointly in tinctures to safeguard wounds from getting infected.

3Anti-Inflammatory Herb

Honokiol reduces and controls inflammation and swelling effectively while not increasing the animal starch level within the liver like most medicines do. It works by reducing the amount of eicosanoid (signaling molecules) mediators instead of increasing steroid production from the endocrine. Each magnolol and honokiol reduced inflammatory pain by block the inflammatory intercessor substances.

4Cure for Cancer

Mongolia tree bark was tested on glandular cancer cells in an analysis conducted at Jeonju University in peninsula. Amazingly, the extract stopped the cancer cells from spreading, preventing its growth. It’s proved self-made in treating different type of cancer and carcinoma.

It had been conjointly noted that mice containing human female internal reproductive organ cancer cells once treated with magnolia bark extract or magnolia bark tea twice every week knowledgeable about an half of one mile reduction within the growth of cancerous cells.

5Relief Gastrointestinal issues

Magnolia bark benefits has been utilized in Asian folks drugs for an extended time as warm-natured drugs. It’s astonishingly useful for spleen, stomach, and internal organ connected medical issues.

Magnolia bark extract or magnolia bark tea provides relief from several canal problems, like gas, food retention, abdominal fullness, nausea, diarrhea, bloating and constipation. It relieves vim stagnation and helps it run swimmingly within the body. The use of magnolia bark extract supports healthy metabolism, that successively would possibly end in healthy weight loss and a healthier body.

6Prevents Alzheimer illness

The Honokiol in magnolia bark extract enhances memory operate and learning capabilities of mice with memory and learning impairments. It had been conjointly determined that magnolia bark extract was with success used for preventing state of mind caused by microorganism lipopolysaccharides.

Lipopolysaccharides are found in gram-negative microorganism, that cause symptoms that result in Alzheimer’s illness in humans. These results complete from the analysis higher than recommend magnolia bark extract as a good remedy and safety measure of Alzheimer’s illness and different neurodegenerative illnesss.


Magnolia bark extracts together with ginger oil fight depression by neutering the abnormalities in brain chemicals, that is the explanation for depression. Analysis conducted in China compared the properties of magnolia bark with anti-depressants. Their analysis found magnolia bark extract to be a perfect treatment for depression.

8Controls Anxiety

Another healing property of Magnolia bark benefits is with efficiency providing relief from anxiety. It works within the same means as general medication accustomed treat symptoms of tension works, like Valium. The most effective issue is not like Valium, magnolia bark doesn’t cause atrocious side effects.

9Protects Liver

Excessive usage of alcohol or medications for reaction, serum hepatitis B and C or medical conditions, like diabetes, might cause liver disfunction. Magnolia bark benefits are notable for reversing this condition. It conjointly prevents additional harm to the liver. Magnolol particularly controls diabetes and cut back fast blood glucose levels and increase internal secretion levels.

10Healthy Respiratory Tract

Magnolia bark benefits is thought to control vim transmission within the body to forestall and heal chest tightness, congestion, cough, flu, cold and liquid body substance. Magnolia extract has been effectively accustomed block type-4 hypersensitive reaction.

Each ingredients of magnolia bark extract, i.e. honokiol and magnolol induce a calming impact on the lungs, permitting easier respiratory. The results were studied on 148 asthma attack patients, and it had been found that the utilization of magnolia bark resulted in higher management over asthma attack and bar of severe effects.

Magnolia bark side effects

Magnolia bark though not much-studied, is generally thought of safe just in case of tiny doses, however an outsized dose or overdosing would possibly cause delicate to severe side effects, like giddiness, dizziness, and nausea or perhaps tract palsy. You ought to avoid victimization it throughout maternity and lactation. Also, you ought to consult your doctor before administering magnolia bark to your youngsters.

As per drug interactions, you should never consume anticoagulant or Lovenox with magnolia bark extract because it would possibly end in coagulation. Avoid foods, like beans, while using this extract, in line with ancient Chinese doctors.


Magnolia, the tree of life, is loaded with healing properties, though the full plant is helpful its bark is most precious, medically. Magnolia’s active ingredients offer remedial comfort from varied diseases, like diabetes, liver disfunction and neurodegenerative disease. Its medicine and antimicrobial qualities make it a vital a part of the skin and attention routine. Despite the fact that it’s been used for a millennium in Asian drugs, you ought to pay attention as a result of once using magnolia bark for it’s not been mostly studied as a remedy in trendy drugs.

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