The benefits of adopting a high protein low carb diet are numerous; from weight loss to improved blood glucose management, reduced hunger and even cholesterol enhancements within the method.

However, several persons struggle with creating it a permanent style fix, owing for the most part to a failure to search out appropriate foods that are appetizing and that qualify as being low carb diet foods.

If you’ve ever found yourself during this fix, likelihood is that it’s as a result of you’ve unmarked some terribly straightforward selections, however ones that might build the distinction between reaping the advantages are line of work it on a daily basis.

Low Carbohydrate Food List

foods high in carbohydrates, Low Carbohydrate Food List

Try these spectacular and attractive low carbohydrate food list beginning these days and avoid slack the diet:


Starting off the list may be a sleeper vegetable (though a lot of properly classified as a fruit), usually times reserved for that produce dish that you simply could or might not have. Tomatoes are tasty, and very nutrition-rich, containing generous amounts of potassium and vitamin C, in conjunction with the super antioxidant lycopene, vital to the eyes and maintaining prostate health in men.

100g of tomatoes provides approx 4g of carbohydrates, creating it a superb choice to low carbohydrate foods as snacks.


Consisting principally of water, cucumbers have a gentle flavor that’s tolerable to the overwhelming majority of individuals who consume it. They conjointly contain very low quantity of potassium and vitamin K, explaining why cucumbers are believed to own a gentle water pill impact.

Sliced cucumbers go nicely with tomatoes, as every cup contains simply 4g of carbohydrates.

3Bell Peppers

If you wish to boast that you simply love peppers while not really consumpting hot peppers, bell peppers are here to rescue you. Bell peppers are rich in vitamin C, fiber and vitamin A in conjunction with its connected pigment inhibitor compounds, packing a generous biological process punch.

100g of bell peppers provide simply 4g of carbohydrates, serving to spherical out an occasional carb dish with some outstanding style.


While mushrooms are really not plants, many of us tend to cluster them as vegetables. Regardless, they style wonderful, serving to offer fantastic style to some rather standard dishes. Many sorts are made in B vitamins, further as potassium, however not carbohydrates.

100g of mushrooms contain around 3g of carbohydrates, serving to spruce up meals while not the necessity for sweet additives.


The ever healthy avocado are often found enclosed on just about each list we’ve got created that contains the word healthy, as a result of in an exceedingly shell that’s the most effective descriptor for this fruit.

Containing a good quantity of fiber, however conjointly potassium and a high quantity of monounsaturated fat, avocados are wonderful for consumption on low carb diets.

Even though 100g of avocados gives you regarding 8.5g of carbohydrates “theoretically”, an oversized quantity of this could still not be thought-about because it is especially fiber that doesn’t cause the physiological effects of a typical carbohydrate.


Olives are another rare high-fat fruit, conjointly rich in vitamin E, copper and iron. They conjointly possess extremely useful monounsaturated fats, helpful for up androgen levels and promoting heart health.

Though olives are aforesaid to possess a style that’s bitter – and therefore, not one thing everybody would appreciate, they’re conjointly very low in carbohydrates, activity simply 6g per 100g serving.


Strawberries are literally low in carbohydrates, contrary to what most of the people believe. This makes them wonderful for overwhelming after you desire a fruit with a sweet tart style that’s conjointly a chic supply of the many nutrients like vitamin C, manganese, and different connected inhibitor compounds.

Per 100g serving size, you may realize 8g of carbohydrates, creating them engaging choices for complementing meals.

8Cheddar cheese

Many people limit cheese on a low carb diet thinking that it contains a high quantity of carbohydrates once this can be merely not true.

Rather, cheese is very low in lactose, however still made in protein and different nutrients that build it as healthy as a glass of milk.

100g of cheese contains simply 1.5g of carbohydrates, that is why cheese is commonly consumed as a snack in between mealtimes once searching for high protein low carb foods.


Full fat yogurt usually shares an equivalent fate as cheese, being unwittingly restricted throughout low-carb fasting. However, only if you consume natural full-fat yoghourt and not packaged sorts with additional fruit and sugar, there’s no reason to try to to thus.

Natural yogurt is additionally a much better supply of probiotic microorganism, as packaged sorts could also be change integrity that find yourself killing an oversized proportion of the natural culture.

100g of yogurt contains about 4g of carbohydrates, and 12g of protein, serving to to support muscle growth in between meals.


Walnuts are the sole member of the nut family that we’d be together with here, supported the very fact that they contain very low quantity of carbohydrates per serving.

Walnuts also are made sources of omega-3 fatty acid fats, additionally to selenium and vitamin E, that support traditional protein reactions and may stop reaction of cholesterol.

100g of walnuts contain about 14g of carbohydrates, whereas several different barmy contain brim over 20g per serving of the same size.

11Dark chocolate

A quick look at dark chocolate’s inclusion during this list would possibly offer you a coronary failure – a 1-ounce serving contains a thumping 13g of carbs, thus why is it here?

To start off, or so 25% of the carbohydrates that you simply realize in bittersweet chocolate is fiber, instantly scaling down the quantity of carbs to regarding 10g. Additional thereto is that the incontrovertible fact that bittersweet chocolate that includes of over 70% cocoa flavonols may be a real food, disposition itself to a reduction in cardiac risk, in conjunction with neuroprotection and blood pressure level regulation.

Epicatechin, the key bioactive flavonoid found in bittersweet chocolate is additionally a natural cortisol reducer, serving to to offset different adverse effects that the secretion will wear your body.

Moderation is vital here – don’t consume over a 1-ounce piece as a serving. Consuming over this can result in a large caloric load, and sure offset all the advantages you’d see from taking small piece.


Going low-carb as a vegetarian is far tougher than for the common person since the elimination of a merchandise (usually high in protein and fats) causes one to develop an overreliance on higher carb foods.

Seitan will assist you bring home the bacon each, even supposing it originates from flour, because it is what remains from the gluten protein.

It is higher in sodium, thus you would like to take care regarding adding an excessive amount of further salt to meals that embrace this ingredient, however from a 2.5-ounce serving, you may web solely 4g of carbohydrates, whereas obtaining 17g of protein.

13Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are made in omega-3 fatty acid fats, in conjunction with protein, fiber, and micro-minerals like zinc and selenium.

While Chia seeds are opted over pumpkinseeds nine times out of 10, pumpkin seeds are the winner here as a result of the very fact that they internet fewer carbs. A one ounce serving of roast pumpkin seeds contains simply 4g of carbs whereas activity 8g of proteins and 14g of fat.


There is an endless range of different healthy low carb diet plan or low carbohydrate food list, like all the meats, eggs and vegetables. We have a tendency to failed to embrace those during this list as we attempt to bring you one thing new that you simply might not have expected once searching for delicious choices.

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