It is the second most vital mineral in our body, however rarely can we consider it. Very little can we notice that the adequate phosphorus levels lies right on our table. Here we will tell you the importance and food sources of phosphorus.

What Is Phosphorus?

After calcium, phosphorus is the most extended mineral within the body. And what makes it necessary are its varied functions – it acts a building block for the bones and teeth and even helps the body store energy. Phosphorus, beside calcium, offers protection against bone ailments like osteoporosis.

Phosphorus conjointly helps filter waste and repairs tissues and cells. And guess what, this mineral conjointly contributes to the assembly of desoxyribonucleic acid and ribonucleic acid – our genetic building blocks.

Which is why phosphorus is important for our well being. And that is why we are going to see some food sources of phosphorus.

Food sources of phosphorus

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The top dietary foods rich in phosphorus are:


1 cup contains 1309 mg of phosphorus

Soybeans are an honest supply of protein and a wonderful supply of B vitamins yet. And also the isoflavones found in soybeans will alleviate change of life symptoms.

However, beware if you have got thyroid problems – as soybeans (or soy) are far-famed to suppress thyroid activity.

2Flaxseeds (Whole)

1 tablespoon of whole flaxseeds contains 65.8 mg of phosphorus

Flaxseeds are extraordinarily wealthy in omega-3 fatty acids. In fact, one tablespoon of flaxseeds contains 1.8 grams of omega-3s. And these omega-3s are useful for the center and brain.

Flaxseeds conjointly contain lignans that possess inhibitor qualities.


1 cup contains 866 mg of phosphorus

High in protein, lentils are one among the healthiest foods you’ll lay your hands upon. They conjointly contain fiber, potassium, and B complex – all of that contribute to heart health. The B complex also can aid in physiological state and forestall ectoderm defects in newborns.


1 cup contains 816 mg of phosphorus

Oats are very healthy. They assist stop constipation and regulate vital sign and glucose levels. They conjointly act as a soothing agent and improve skin health.

5Horse Beans

1 cup contains 793 mg of phosphorus

Horse beans are wealthy in polyphenols that facilitate slow neoplasm growth. They cut back inflammation and aid in cancer treatment. They conjointly keep vital sign levels in restraint, and therefore supply hope to diabetics.


1 cup contains 777 mg of phosphorus

Quinoa is additionally wealthy in insoluble fiber, which might induce satiation and ultimately aid weight loss. It conjointly contains another super-nutrient, lucasin, that has shown to supply unbelievable blessings in cancer treatment.


1 slice contains 159 mg of phosphorus

In all probability the simplest factor regarding cheese is its probiotic content. A specific probiotic it contains (called P. freudenreichii) is thought to boost longevity. And like most farm merchandise, the cheese is nice for your bones. It conjointly contains an honest quantity of vitamin A that improves skin and vision health.


1 sardine contains 59mg of phosphorus

Sardines are one among the simplest sources of omega-3 fatty acids in the world. And omega-3s are useful for your heart and brain and conjointly supply varied skin edges. They even have high levels of calcium and ergocalciferol, guaranteeing larger bone strength.

9Dried Peas

1 cup contains 721 mg of phosphorus

Dried peas are an excellent sources of fiber – each soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber helps lower cholesterol levels. The peas are rich in iron.

10Lima Beans

1 cup contains 685 mg of phosphorus

Another nutrient Lima beans are rich in is Molybdenum. This nutrient is especially useful for individuals plagued by sulfite sensitivity – the symptoms of that embrace headache, confusion, and fast vital sign.

11Sesame Seeds

1 cup contains 906 mg of phosphorus

Sesame seeds conjointly contain compounds known as phytosterols that facilitate lower cholesterol levels. The seeds even facilitate balance hormones and, above all, improve the assembly of sex hormones.


1 cup contains 632 mg of phosphorus

Rye is additionally notably wealthy in phosphorus and iron – nutrients very important to fight fatigue and weariness. It also helps boost the system.

13Brown Rice

1 cup contains 185 mg of phosphorus

The phosphorus content of rice works nice for heart health. And since it’s naturally gluten-free, it will be the go-to food for those who are gluten-intolerant.

Brown rice has conjointly been found to reduce diabetes risk.


1 cup contains 523 mg of phosphorus

These are wealthy in energy – that primarily means that a couple of them will keep your energy levels high. Peanuts conjointly improve heart health and appear to boost longevity.


1 cup contains 486 mg of phosphorus

Barley conjointly improves your daily intake of phosphorus and antioxidant – 2 nutrients very important for brain functioning. And additionally to phosphorus, different nutrients like calcium contribute to bone health. The phosphorus in barley conjointly helps in scleroprotein production.


1 oz (23 almonds) contains 137 mg of phosphorus

Being wealthy in protein and fiber, almonds will keep you full and discourage binging. These are wealthy in vitamin E, an important nutrient for skin and hair health.


1 medium egg contains 84mg of phosphorus

They are the whole food. They’re conjointly wealthy in B vitamin and diverse different nutrients essential for healthy functioning of the body.

18Atlantic Salmon

½ fillet contains 449 mg of phosphorus

Salmon is another fish that’s a tremendous supply of omega-3 fatty acids. Additionally, it is also an excellent supply of protein and B vitamins. The fish benefits the center and promotes weight management.


½ chicken breast (bone and skin removed) contains 196 mg of phosphorus

Probably the favourite food of the many. This phosphorus rich foods is loaded with protein that helps build muscles and maintain the skeletal tissues. It is also an excellent supply of antioxidant that may fight cancer and different chronic diseases like cardiopathy and infections.

20Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas)

1 cup contains 276 mg of phosphorus

Garbanzo beans are one among the simplest vegetarian sources of protein. They are low in saturated fat, cholesterol – that permits one to form them a staple in their diet with none considerations. They conjointly contain different phytonutrients like quercetin and phenoplast acids – that have inhibitor properties and fight free radicals.


1 cup contains 233 mg of phosphorus

Yogurt comes from milk. So, you may get a dose of animal protein and different nutrients like calcium and B vitamins – chargeable for optimum metabolism and energy.

Symptoms of phosphorus deficiency

There are sure symptoms that may assist you check if you’re obtaining enough phosphorus. The symptoms of phosphorus deficiency include:

  • anxiety
  • lack of craving
  • irregular respiration
  • numbness
  • irritability
  • weakness and fatigue
  • stiff joints
  • fragile bones

Phosphorus Supplements

Phosphorus supplements are fine as way as you don’t trust solely on them. Embrace the relevant sources of potassium in your diet – and if needed, you’ll take supplements too.

There is very little info on the interactions phosphorus supplements will presumably have. One such interaction is with potassium supplements – using them beside phosphorus supplements may end up in symptom (excessively high levels of potassium within the blood), resulting in serious heart issues.

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