Do you want to lose weight? Is it weight loss that you are looking for or fat loss? People are often going for weight loss when in reality they only want to lose fat. Here’s an article that can guide you in losing weight or fat, as per your needs. 

Weight loss and Fat Loss Defined

Weight loss is defined as the fall in the overall body weight of a person. The weight of a person includes three components- water, fat and muscle. Whenever there is a decrease in any one of the components, your weight changes accordingly. Losing weight can affect health adversely if not done properly. Often people stop eating to lose weight which results in loss of muscle mass as well as fat. The only problem with improper dietary methods is that it can make the lost weight bounce back faster. 

On the other hand, weight loss includes reduction of fat only in the body. Fat is a necessary part of the body as it helps in bodily functions such as prevention of damage to internal organs, absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and production of energy. When fat loss is not done properly or too much fat is lost suddenly, it can make the body appear shapeless and put you at risk of several health conditions.

Differences between weight loss and fat loss

Here is a table of distinction that can help you gather ideas of what to expect after a weight loss and fat loss.

Fat Loss with proper nutrition and training Weight Loss
Proper nutrition is requiredWith proper nutrition, a person is at peak performance and ages slowly
When done properly, it increases fitness levelsWith weight loss, it decreases fitness levels
When done properly, it increases body strengthWith weight loss, it decreases body strength 
Fat should diminish from the body and nothing extraMuscle mass and overall structure is diminished from the body
Metabolism rate is much faster after fat lossMetabolism rate is decreased after weight loss
For fat loss, do weight training, cardio exercises and take proper sleepFor weight loss, intermittent cardio exercises and high-intensity exercises is required.

How to identify that you are losing weight but not fat?

Now that you have understood the major differences between weight loss and fat loss, let’s see how are you going to identify whether you are losing weight or fat? Look for the following markers to identify that you are losing weight instead of fat-

  • You are likely to feel lethargic throughout the day even while doing any regular activities. 
  • It becomes difficult rather than smoother and easier to work out regularly over time.
  • The weight is in one place with neither the weight coming down nor it is being gained
  • You are likely to have lower endurance and less sense of balance. 

How to ensure fat loss and not weight?

If you are looking to lose fat and not weight, you need to make some lifestyle changes at the earliest. But again, you need to make the right changes to ensure that the fat is lost and not weight. Here’s what you should do- 

  • Exercising is not sufficient- People often make the mistake of not properly recovering after intense exercise and workout sessions. Small tears, as in injuries, develop in the muscles every time after a workout. This is a normal phenomenon so there’s nothing to get worked up about. With proper rest in between so that these tissues can repair themselves, these injuries heal on their own. In addition to resting, diet plays a crucial role in the recovery of these tissues. If you continue working out without giving proper recovery times, you are likely to lose strength as well as mass faster. 
  • Increase protein-intake- When you are looking to lose fat, ensure that you take protein in any form as a major part of the meal. Include eggs, cottage cheese, nuts, lean meat, seeds of at least one teaspoon of ghee, etc. The cells expel protein on a daily basis so replace it accordingly. 
  • Don’t cut down on the carbs absolutely- Carbs contain the highest number of calories. Another common mistake that we make when trying to lose fat is that we stop taking carbs absolutely. This is an absolutely wrong move. Target to take 10-12 times of carbs depending on your body weight range and level of activity. Take the required number of carbs containing nutritious properties in the form of fruits, meats, legumes, vegetables, dairy, and whole grains. To compensate for a significant number of calories, take healthy fats and essential fatty acids. For a steady supply of energy, take ragi, bajra, jowar, quinoa, and buckwheat. 
  • Balance between cardio and strength training- In addition to the quantity of exercises, it is equally important to know the type of exercises you should perform. Aim for high-intensity interval training instead of performing cardio exercises only. If needed, get in touch with a fitness trainer or expert who can guide you through. Include strength training as well as weight training in your daily fitness routine so that the muscle mass is not lost. 

What is the most effective method to lose weight?

The most effective way to lose weight is a weight loss surgery. The weight-loss surgery, medically known as bariatric surgery, is a way that restricts the amount of food that the stomach can keep which eventually reduces the excessive absorption of nutrients. This is done with the help of minimally invasive techniques such as laparoscopic surgery in which the surgeon makes several incisions that are smaller than the traditional method. Some of the common types of bariatric surgery are explained below-

  • Gastric bypass- Also known as the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, this surgery works by creating a stomach pouch that holds smaller meals which in turn ensures fewer calories are absorbed. By this surgery, a person is able to lose 60 to 80 percent of body weight.
  • Sleeve gastrectomy- In this surgery, almost 80 percent of the stomach is removed. This restricts the quantity of food the stomach can hold and you feel less hungry. 
  • Adjustable gastric band- The doctor places a band on the upper part of the stomach that can be adjusted that creates a small pouch of the stomach below the band that stores food.

What is the most effective method to lose fat?

In case you only want to lose fat, the most effective way is a VASER liposuction. This is a cosmetic procedure that sculpts out fat from specific parts of the body so that the body’s overall shape is enhanced. This is a minimally-invasive procedure that uses ultrasound probes to break down the fat cells effectively. This means that the patient has to continue following healthy lifestyle practices to maintain the body contour.


Weight loss and fat loss are two different procedures. Weight loss is not healthy if proper practices are not in place. No matter what you are looking for, surgical intervention for both the conditions is the most effective method to undergo. There are several clinics in India such as Pristyn Care, where you can undergo both the procedures. Consult with a nutritionist who can guide you in choosing in between the two. 

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