Ever detected of twin heart meditation? If not, then it’s one in all the simplest styles of meditation you’ll ever perform. It primarily focuses on emotional healing that detaches the soul from emotional traumas. It eventually eliminates negativity and brings forth a spectacular positive modification in one’s life. The far-famed meditation knowledgeable player Choa Kok Sui introduced this innovative meditation type.

Wondering however this meditation type will modification your life? Then you ought to provide this post a read!

Facts about Twin Heart Meditation

Facts regarding Twin Heart Meditation

Twin heart meditation could be a entryway between physical, mental and also the religious self of a personal. It focuses on the well-being of an individual by rising the physical, mental and emotional health of an individual. Browse on to explore the wonderful facts about twin heart meditation technique below!

  • According to the twin heart meditation technique, the center is created from 2 sections. The primary section is that the heart chakra. Heart chakra points towards the emotional side of a personal. Heart chakra is additionally referred to as the emotional heart.
  • The second section of the center is that the crown chakra. The crown chakra, in keeping with the dual heart theory, is that the religious heart. This meditation kind focuses on placing a association between these 2 heart sections through the physical and mental powers of the body and brain severally.
  • The pranic healing meditation begins with connecting the physical, mental and religious selves of a personal. It slowly promotes the gap of the entryway in between the 2 heart sections. Once the creation of a standard entryway between the center chakra and crown chakra, surplus energy is created within the kind of pure white lightweight. This white lightweight is additionally referred to as as Prana within the twin heart meditation.
  • This positive energy passes to crown chakra from the center chakra.
  • Crown chakra is believed to be a connecting purpose between the mind and full body. The Prana collected in crown chakra eventually spreads into the brain and illuminates the complete body.
  • A spread of positive lightweight through the brain and body heals several diseases and disorders like heart issues, diabetes, depression, stress, negative thoughts, anxiety, etc.

Twin heart meditation technique

Once you’ve got understood the fundamental technique of twin heart meditation, it’s time to find out a way to do twin heart meditation. Browse on to search out out additional regarding the descriptive procedure of the twin heart meditation.

1. Begin with a physical heat up through straightforward exercises like neck rolling, eyeball movement, shoulder rolling, knee rolling, squatting, push-ups, pull-ups and stretching. This heat up session ought to last for a minimum of ten minutes. The physical heat up session makes the body and brain active. It exposes totally different energy blockages and additionally eliminates negative energy from the body.

2. After the nice and cozy up session, you would like to sit down terribly very comfy position. The spine ought to be properly aligned and erect. Breathe deeply for couple of minutes till your complete body becomes relaxed and calm.

3. Begin the positive thought method of your mind by recalling the blessings from your folks, teachers, religious healers, and god. This can be the primary step of activating the center chakra.

4. Place your hand on the middle of your heart. Begin thinking of the simplest moments you had in your life with a special friend, teacher, lover or partner. Heart chakra activates positive thoughts, recollections and feelings in life. Thus, triggering the thought method of positive and happy feelings is that the best method of activating the center chakra.

5. Continue to think about those happy moments till you fully lose to your religious self.

6. After you begin feeling positive and happy, bit on the middle of your head. Head is that the activation center of the crown chakra. Bit your head for two minutes and begin blessing the whole world.

7. By now you’ll begin feeling the presence of the center chakra and crown chakra at the same time in your body; then begin blessing the complete universe.

8. Start imagining a pure bright lightweight within the center of your brain. Chant the holy word Om whereas visualizing the presence of the pure lightweight. Let the sunshine unfold through your brain and also the entire body.

9. Once your body gets full of this positive lightweight, unleash it to your surroundings.

10. Slowly open your eyes and repeat constant method daily.

Twin heart meditation benefits causes you to an improved person. It eventually causes you to thus positive and happy that you simply begin foul all the negativity around you. It additionally causes you to an improved person and helps improve the relationships in your life. It will increase mental concentration, physical alertness and cures numerous diseases.

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