Yin Yoga – sounds attention-grabbing, right? This way of yoga aims to figure deeply within the body.

This follow operates on the connective tissues – the joints, ligaments, the deep facia network within the body, and also the bones. Though it will work on the muscles, its primary focus is the connective tissues.

In general, it improves the energy flow all throughout the body, ensuring your tissues, organs, and muscles are super healthy.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga takes an additional brooding approach, going abundant deeper than the physical focal points of Yang-related follow. It’s a undeniable fact that as you age, your joints subsided versatile. Therefore it makes certain that health and adaptability are maintained.

This kind of yoga is kind of an intimate follow, and it needs you to withdraw among yourself and skill emotions, sensations, and feelings that you simply don’t otherwise notice in fast yoga.

This method of yoga is significantly helpful for those who are addressing a deep sense of trauma and pain, intake disorders, addictions, and anxiety.

Yin Yoga invokes mental stability while making you physically sturdy, and teaches you to calm your mind and sit still.

History and Origin of Yin Yoga

yin yoga

Although Yin Yoga poses came into play solely within the Seventies, techniques closely associated with the follow, like holding stretches for an extended time, are practiced in China and Taiwan for nearly 2000 years currently. It conjointly known as Daoist Yoga or Dao Yoga, may be a modern-day version of this.

The Philosophy Of Yin Yoga

Yin yoga postures focuses on feelings, emotions, connective tissues, and it’s a brooding kind of Yoga – all of this has been established.

Yin And Yang

This follow is predicated on the thought of yin and yang, that conjointly springs from the Taoist teachings. Yin and Yang are essential all concerning forces that are opposite, nonetheless complementary.

Yin signifies stability. It enhances the hidden aspects and also the stationary parts of things. Yang is a dynamic energy that represents constant motion. Some examples of yin and yang are calm-excited, hot-cold, and down-up. Once it involves our body, the connective tissues represent the yin, and blood and muscles represent the Yang.

This sequence works on the connective tissues, the asanas are very slower, and every pose and stretch is control for a extended amount. This makes the connective tissues stronger. Once you hold a stretch for an extended time to strengthen the connective tissues, the muscles around it conjointly should stretch and relax. Therefore, all asanas don’t seem to be safe to follow during this method. There’s totally different set of asanas with different names developed for this follow.

Benefits of Yin Yoga

These are some wonderful advantages of yin yoga poses.

  • It not solely improves flexibility within the body but also enhances blood circulation.
  • It balances and calms the mind and also the body.
  • Yin yoga benefits helps scale back anxiety and stress.
  • It induces fascial unleash.
  • It conjointly induces deep relaxation.
  • Your joints become additional mobile.
  • The meridians are stirred, and thus, organs are balanced.
  • Stamina is increased.
  • Joints are protected and lubricated .
  • This form of yoga conjointly helps you sit still for meditation.
  • When you master yin yoga, your yang practice is additionally increased.


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