For ages, Ayurveda has combined herbs and natural ingredients to bring out healing and vitalizing properties. These powerful mixtures were the sole form of medicine at the time of the Vedas. From skin infections, dry skin, to gruesome wounds and illnesses, Ayurveda has come up with a natural way to treat it all. We are here talking about one of best wonders of ayurveda ie. Kumkumadi tailam.

Skin is a very important organ that takes care of more functions that one can truly understand. Ayurveda has multiple recipes to take care of the skin and one of the most famous ones is the kumkumadi tailam oil. This oil is considered as a miraculous elixir that can get your skin glowing like gold!

It’s uncanny ability to treat and eradicate skin related ailments and bring out its natural glow and vitality is what makes it so famous. The oil is extracted from red saffron, also known as kumkum in the Indian subcontinent. 

What is Kumkumadi tailam

kumkumadi tailam

The oil in its purest form is made from natural herbs and oils along with the saffron oil. You might find multiple variations of the kumkumadi tailam/oil, depending on the issue you face. 

It not only provides cosmetic but therapeutic benefits for the skin without any damaging side effects. It is made of multiple herbs but mainly pure sesame oil is used as the base. Common ingredients include:

• Red Sandalwood

• Manjistha or common madder

• Licorice or Mulethi

• Java Fig

• Indian Banyan

• Blue Lotus and Indian Lotus

• Daruhaldi or turmeric

• Ushira (perennial grass)

• Padmaka Himalayan cherry prunus cerasoides

• Dashmoolas  (cleansing herbs)

The Benefits of kumkumadi oil can briefly be explained:

• It acts as a natural skin illuminator and lightens the skin tone and texture. It cannot make you fairer but will remove all the pollutants and impurities from your skin making it clean and pure. 

• It is a great remedy for dark circles and hyperpigmentation. Even signs of aging like frown lines, stretchy or saggy skin, and others can be slowed down. 

• If you suffer from skin discoloration due to accident scars or natural birth defects, the oil is great for repairing the skin 

• Blemishes and scars also fade at amazing extents with the help of this oil 

• It brings back the natural glow to the body and soothes the skin 

• The oil applied around the surface of a healing and itchy wound can help you calm the irritation and soothe the pain 

How to use Kumkumadi oil?

If you get kumkumadi oil in the form of serums and oils, you can follow a simple regiment to keep your skin supple and young. 

1. Pre-oil: Clean your face with a gentle soap. Ayurvedic soaps have oils like chamomile, tulsi, and other soothing herbs and work wonders. Dampen your skin with rose water or vetiver water. 

2. Facial Oiling: Take a few small drops of the kumkumadi tailam/oil on the palm, and gently massage it over your face or skin with your fingertips until it is completely absorbed.  a 

3. Post-oil: Keep the oil overnight and wash it like how you did before oiling or with a mild cleanser. Wash your face with cold water and feel the glow on your skin. 

The kumkumadi tailam/oil is proven to work amazing as a skin cleanser and healer. If you want to reap the maximum benefits from this, you need to find pure and unadulterated oil from a reputable ayurvedic shop. 

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